2022 is an interesting year for dust control market trends in Australia. The previous year started a digital revolution in customer experience and feedback based on customer reviews of dust control players in Australia. The results show that provision of dust control is not just about the work done, customers need more than just money savings they also want to be associated with brands that adopt technology, run efficient supply chain channels, use proudly Australian products and have a digital platform which saves time when ordering the necessary quantities of dust control products. In the wake of stringent legislation, it has become more imperative for dust control technologies to deal with dust at its source to avoid run- ins with authorities. With a resurgence of silicosis in Australia 7 years ago, which is only one of the many other dust diseases, regulatory authorities are not taking chances and medical surveillance has also gone a notch up with better technologies to immediately detect early progression of dust diseases. 

In this article, Global Road Technology explores six dust control market trends to look out for in 2022.  

1. Water costs will stay high

The driving force for dust control is water, but water is a scarce resource in Australia. There will be a huge demand for water and the demand will keep the water costs very high. It is key to find more water efficient solutions that make water work. That will keep the water costs low and provide the mine, quarry or construction site with reduced costs. Mitigating the cost increases for the different sites will take a dust control provider using innovative solutions to create a balance of water delivery and longevity of dust control product used. The significant reductions in water allocations and rationing of water available for dust control will also determine how various stakeholders will take priority over the others which also increases the costs for water. Improving water efficiency through use of recycled and treated water for dust control with cost effective monitoring for quality will be a major benefit to clients. 

2. The era of the conscious client

Proudly Australian products will be at the pinnacle of the dust control business. The intention is to help the B2B value chain to stay within Australian borders. Using locally sourced products will increase support for Australian businesses and in the process supporting the Australian dust control products industry. Buying product that is produced in Australia has numerous advantages to both client and dust control business. According to a consumer insights report by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, more than 50% of Aussie consumers want to buy locally sourced and produced products. In essence, Australian consumers are actively seeking out Australian manufactured products and firmly believe that buying Australian products supports businesses and the local economy. There is also a greater trust in Australian dust control products with the perception of great quality and longevity when applied for the different applications. 

3. Digital capabilities will be crucial 

The pandemic brought the transformative agenda of digital capabilities. It’s a typical, you ‘snooze you lose’ and same applies to the dust control market. There was immediate pressure for most service providers to increase their digital capabilities. The future of dust control product consumerism lies in a digital world, where the client can order online the quantities they want, and the delivery is delivered within reasonable time for operations to continue. On boarding clients will require a digital ecosystem that values time and convenience but most importantly landing pages on dust control providers websites that are easy to navigate and have product finders that lead the customer directly to what they are looking for. In competitive market it is vital to give the customer an unforgettable digital experience which often makes them happy and most likely to come back again. Dedicated e-commerce pages with a marketplace type of facility gives the customer a great digital experience with navigation for payment done securely and within seconds to increase the trustworthiness of the digital platform. 

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

4. Automation will dominate the industry

Automation has been on the rise in the dust control market. Minimizing loss of dust control product will take priority over the risk of losing volume of product due to manual operations. Automation allows dust control needs to be met, precisely to the needs of the site and area of application. Consistency is key, and loss of product must be eliminated at all costs to avoid negative consequences for customers who rely on dust control as a critical part of their business operations. SMART dosing units provide next-level automation for dust control product spraying, and them being automated enables site-specific demands to be met with savings of money and time for investment return. Automation will eliminate margins of human error and reduce the total cost commitment without compromising on safety. There will demand for more predictive service and maintenance regimes over administrative controls.

5. Polymer technology will thrive

Formulation development of polymers that do more for less will be a rising trend in 2022. In the interest of making water work, small loadings and dosages of polymers will extend the potential of dust control in the toughest of environments. The balance between longevity in dust control and product-to-site fit will be very important in polymer technology thriving. The correct use of polymer technology will determine how far the product can go and the quality of water governing the actual water-saving benefits of using polymer technology. For polymers to excel there needs to be an on-site dust management service provider that can help with polymer technology knowledge transfer as an expert service provider. A marked increase in proprietary polymer products is expected with dust control providers targeting the polymer chemistry to the specific dust type approach to dust control.  

6. Customer reviews will drive business growth

In Australia, a fair review environment for both businesses and consumers is operated under Australia’s Competition and Consumer Act 2010. In practice, negative online customer reviews are a challenge for brands and even more concerning in the face of COVID19 challenges. The best and largest dust control service providers are often rated according to customer reviews. Ranking top in product reviews is what sets a service provider apart from the rest and independent customer reviews drive customer confidence and business growth. Validated customer reviews, market presence, project scopes execution and the ability to deliver results are the key elements for business growth. It will take setting the business sights high to provide excellent customer service and exceed clients wants and needs every day. Consistency is key to be an industry leader. Emphasis is on the use of data to be focused on providing customers with a premium service and unforgettable experience. 

Conclusions and closing remarks 

So, this is how Global Road Technology is providing you with innovative solutions related to these 6 trends in 2022. GRT Haul-Loc reduces water required for continuous dust suppression by at least 65%. In the era of the conscious client, GRT offers Australian made products that are a solution to the COVID-19 long-term supply chain crisis. Our digital capabilities have driven us to make our website even more convenient for you with the GRT Smart Product Finder option which saves you time and gives you a better customer experience whilst empowering you to find the right product for your site-specific problems. Recently, GRT has been awarded as the ‘industry leader’ and ‘most reviewed’ company in the Australian dust control market for 2021. We believe the industry is in a transition towards automation of how we operate dust control operations and as an industry leader, we have already deployed SMART dosing units. Making water work is our forte and our GRT products give you a return on investment in reducing the amount of water required for a dust control operation.

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