GRT Activate:
Most Effective Dust Control Product

Process and Production Optimisation, Ionically Charged, Super Activation

GRT Activate is used to super-activate water sprayed to control dust in material crushing, transfer & handling operations and optimising soil/water conditions for road construction. Most fine dust is by nature hydrophobic (water hating) and at the microscopic level repels water – so despite the volumes used, the finest particles simply bounce off of sprayed water. These fine particles, which may not even be visible, are the most hazardous to health, leading to respiratory disease and eye irritation and damage.

GRT Activate

Effective & Efficient:

Injected into existing spray systems, trucks, or even stabilisers GRT Activate penetrates the material surfaces and intercepts airborne particles immobilising fugitive dust. Importantly, the solution does not negatively impact material properties. GRT Activate is designed to make water work!

The key industries benefiting from this technology are:

  • Quarrying and Mining
  • Road Construction (particularly where water is scarce or expensive)

GRT:ACTIVATE super-activates water to overcome the high surface tension and surface charge properties of water to immediately capture even airborne particles, forcing them to drop out of suspension in the air. These same product characteristics mean the addition of GRT:ACTIVATE reduces water requirements for compaction and construction of embankments and pavements – saving projects time, money and precious water!

GRT will also work with you to devise a site-specific dust mitigation strategy to meet the challenges facing your operations.


Safety and Environmental Management: Workers, surrounding residents and sensitive environments are protected from the harmful effects from wind-borne dust.

Process Optimisation: Greatly improve efficiency of existing spray systems and construction processes.

GRT Activate Benefits:

Compared to conventional processes, GRT Activate offers:

Health Benefits: Strips out hazardous dust particles – eliminating the cause of respiratory illness and public complaints

Easy application through existing or bespoke spraying systems

Significantly reduce water consumption for process dust control and road construction.

Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied across a diverse range of industries

Cost benefits from improving the efficiency of processing and handling operations

Environmental and Cost benefits as less water is wasted trying to manage dust or achieve

Quality Assured:

GRT Activate is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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