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Automated Dust Suppression

GRT is the first in the industry to offer automated dust suppression systems for autonomous haulage systems and mine sites in Australia.

Driving operational efficiency while delivering effective dust control

Autonomous mining is on the rise with major mining firms across the world implementing autonomous and Autonomous Haulage and control systems. Haul road maintenance and dust suppression remain an important part of autonomous haulage systems.

GRT: Haul-Loc Dust Control System – our autonomous mine dust control solution.

GRT: Haul-Loc Dust Suppression systems for autonomous haulage systems include the GRT: Haul-Loc product, SMART dosing units, training and awareness sessions, as well as advice on setting up water truck spray patterns and practices to maximize benefits.

Challenges Facing Autonomous Mines

Ineffective haul road maintenance will result in slow or stop events of the Autonomous Haulage Trucks (AHT). To improve the haul road maintenance we first need to look at the contributing factors to these slow or stop events:


Water Truck (WT) or Grader (GRD) operating in the vicinity of AHTs

Loss of Traction

WT over-watering road leading to AHT losing traction. The moisture content should be optimized to suit the traction requirements of the AHTs.

Rutting and Spillage

Poor road conditions get detected as obstacles by the AHTs.


Speed restrictions are placed on AHTs when dust levels are too high.

Knock on Effect

AHT stopped behind AHT that has been affected by either a Proximity, Loss of Traction, Rutting or Dust.

How we help you overcome those challenges

The necessity of effective mine haul road maintenance is realised in reaping the following key benefits of any designated autonomous operation project:

Dust Control

Achieved without the traction and surface integrity (rutting, potholes) issues associated with overwatering.

Increased Safety

Reduction of Road Maintenance Vehicle interactions with AHTs.

Improve Cycle Times

Reduction of AHTs campaigns and stoppages caused by road maintenance

Cost Reduction

Reduction in AHT fuel burn and maintenance costs of minimising AHT slow down and stoppage events.

Increased Social Value

Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by increasing AHTs fuel efficiency, and reducing water truck run time.

Our Haul-Loc technology helped clients reduce water consumption by at least 65%. Get your copy of the free report.

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Underground, Transfer and Ore Processing Solutions

GRT SMART Dosing Units have also been developed to work with mining, shearing, drill & blast, crushing, and material transfer operations. Alongside haul roads, these activities generate a large proportion of fugitive dust on mine and quarry sites – as well as in tunneling projects.

Challenges for the Blast Pattern, Shearing, and Processing

Fine dust from mining and processing operations, such as coal and silica, is by its very nature hydrophobic (water-hating) and at the microscopic level repels water – so despite the volumes used, these hazardous particles simply bounce off and repel sprayed water. These fine particles are the most hazardous to health, leading to diseases such as black lung, Silicosis, and other respiratory ailments.

Crushing, processing & transfer of ore produces large amounts of airborne dust in and around the areas of the blast pattern, ROM, Crushers, OHP, Transfer Points, and stockpiles, and


Rapidly alters the nature and behaviour of drill water to ensure fine, hazardous dust is captured – forcing airborne particles to drop out of suspension.

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GRT:DC Binder

A cost-effective, broad-scale dust & erosion control that locks down drill cuttings and the blast pattern area.

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GRT:Activate UG

Super-activates water sprayed to control dust in longwall, continuous miner and hard rock operations causing the water to immediately capture airborne particles, forcing them to drop out of suspension in the air.

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Used to super-activate water sprayed to control dust in material crushing, transfer & handling operations, and optimising ore/water conditions for effective dust control.

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GRT’s dosing units inject GRT product solutions into the flow stream of the water at your standpipe, hydrant fill points, or water lines on a fixed plant at our recommended dosage rates, calibrated to the rate of flow in the water supply pipe.

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12 times better than water alone in dust suppression
Increase watering efficiency per truck by 250%
Days dust control (no downtime)
Automated reporting & monitoring

Empowering Decision Makers

GRT’s AI technology provides meaningful data to empower you to make strategic operational decisions.

  • Better resource management
  • Improving Operational efficiency
  • Enhancing Visibility and traceability
GRT empowering customers

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

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