Liquid Polymer Dust Control

Works with dust so you don’t have to!

GRT5000 Dust Control Solution is a robust, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating solution on nearly all soil and resource surfaces. Independently performed testing confirms successful suppression of up to 95% of dust particles.

GRT 5000

We’ve Got Dust Covered

Left untreated, dust from unsealed roads, hardstands, cleared sites, and large soil or mineral stockpiles can have a considerable impact on the environment and the quality of life for local communities. GRT5000 prevents loss of materials whilst in storage or transport. For resources such as coal, the problem of dusting can be mitigated for as little as 4.5 cents per tonne – with no impact on calorific values.

GRT will work with you to devise a full dust mitigation strategy to meet the challenges facing your project or business operation. We can also provide ongoing dust monitoring services to ensure the most cost effective protection over the life of your project.


Areas of use for GRT5000 include:

Roads – Suppresses dust on unsealed roads – plus provides benefits in terms of rideability and decreased maintenance costs.

Hardstands, Yards, and Cleared Sites – mitigates the impact of dust on worker safety and condition of plant and equipment.

Stockpiles – Stops generation of airborne dust and product loss in stockpile or during transport.

Environmental Management – Mitigate the impact of dust on surrounding environment and on communities.

Total dust management supply and application packages available under monthly invoice or retainer.

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