GRT: 12X Drill & Blast Dust Control

GRT: 12X super-activates drill water so it saturates and captures the fine, hazardous dust drilling can generate, preventing it from becoming an airborne hazard.

Most fine, hazardous dusts are hydrophobic (water-hating). So regardless of the amount used, the high surface tension and surface charge of water means they repel each other - like trying to force two positive ends of a magnet together.  The addition of GRT: 12X to your drill water changes its nature almost instantaneously, capturing and encapsulating the dust within the water.


Transform your drill rig into its own 12X dust suppression system.



Australian Made and Owned: GRT’s mining products and equipment are all proudly developed and manufactured here in Australia.

Powerful & Cost Effective:

GRT: 12X is simply dosed into the tanks on your drill rigs, water trucks, or even automatically at the fill point.  As a highly active liquid technology, it mixes rapidly throughout the tank providing a consistent and accurate dose from full to empty – unlike solid “candle” style additives. Penetrating ground and water surfaces, the dust particles are saturated and immobilised. 

Despite being 12 times more powerful, GRT: 12X is still safe for workers, environmentally friendly, and easy on equipment, and will not negatively affect any material properties. Our most cost-effective product yet, GRT: 12X will revolutionise the way you manage dust.

Team the product up with GRT: DC Binder to completely manage your drill and blast pattern area.

The key industries benefiting from this technology are:

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Exploration drilling 
  • Bore holes

Providing dynamic dust management and 12 times more effective at dust capture than water alone, GRT: 12X is the intrinsically safe way to alter the profile of water so that it instantly targets the cause of black lung and silicosis  saturating high-velocity dust from drilling quickly to prevent it from becoming an airborne hazard.

GRT will also work with you to devise a site-specific drill and blast dust control strategy to meet the dust challenges facing your quarry and mining operations.


Drilling Safety and Environmental Management: Workers in quarry and mining environments, surrounding residents and ecological areas are protected from the harmful effects of wind-borne dust.

Process Optimisation: Greatly improve the efficiency of waterborne spray systems in mining and quarries, specifically drilling and blasting.

Positive Environmental Impact:

  1. Reduction in Airborne Dust: By effectively binding dust particles and preventing them from becoming airborne, GRT: 12X helps to improve air quality. This reduction in dust emissions contributes to a healthier environment for both workers and nearby communities.
  2. Water Conservation: GRT: 12X enhances the dust suppression capabilities of water, meaning less water is required to achieve effective dust control. This conservation of water is crucial, especially in arid regions or areas facing water scarcity.
  3. Minimisation of Soil Erosion: The product’s ability to stabilise dust particles also helps in minimising soil erosion around drilling sites. This stabilisation preserves soil integrity and reduces the likelihood of erosion-related environmental damage.
  4. Improved Vegetation Health: Reduced dust levels lead to better conditions for vegetation around drilling sites. Dust can smother plants and hinder their growth, but with effective dust control, plants can thrive, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  5. Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Using GRT: 12X helps companies meet stringent environmental regulations related to dust emissions. This compliance not only avoids potential fines and sanctions but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship.

GRT:12X Benefits:

Compared to conventional processes, GRT:12X offers -

Health Benefits: Strips out hazardous dust particles – eliminating the cause of black lung, silicosis for the drill and blast crew and  air pollution complaints from surrounding land users.

Helps with drillhole and bore stability.

Simply dosed into your drill rig’s water tank for rapid and accurate mixing.

Potential for water reduction for drilling and blasting in mining and quarry environments.

Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied across a diverse range of industries.

Improves the efficiency of processing and handling operations, therefore reducing costs.

Quality Assured:

Independently verified by one of Australia’s leading universities to be 12 times more effective than water alone in suppressing coal dust and other hazardous dust. GRT’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 standards, and our products are approved and used by Industry-leading companies, worldwide. 

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