GRT2000: Combat & Natural Disaster Zone Dust Control

When buildings and other infrastructure are damaged because of combat or demolished due to natural disasters, many hazardous dusts can be released into the environment. This is a significant health hazard for the civilian population as well as military personnel deployed for combat or humanitarian reasons.

GRT 2000

An ultra-concentrate, LCP technology GRT: 2000 can be used to effectively capture and control:

  • Asbestos Fibres – still used or present used in many buildings
  • Silica Dusts – harmful dusts commonly generated from crushed concrete and hard rock
  • Heavy Metals – present in buildings, munitions and underground services
  • Contaminated Dusts – dust contaminated with chemicals due to spills, accidents, fires, natural disasters, and combat activity

GRT: 2000 Aerial Deployed Dust Control however, presents a unique polymer formulation with properties suitable to being applied by aircraft, drones or helicopters. Not relying on ground based combat engineers, GRT: 2000 can be delivered almost anywhere, creating temporary landing zones ready for use in minutes. This is particularly useful for insertion and extraction activities where the required landing zone consists of uncontained fine particulates that result in brownout conditions.

Visual Appearance:

GRT: 2000 is typically clear drying, blending well with the natural surface underneath, however can be also be supplied with a range of marker dyes, recommended when using to clearly delineating hazardous materials.

As an ultra-concentrate technology, as little as 80L of GRT: 2000 can lock down 10,000m2 of dusty, urban or open landscape, making transport, handling and storage of the product the logistical product of choice.

Typical Applications:

Buffer zones – for arid regions, create a cost effective, broad-scale buffer zone to limit the impact of sand and dust migration on military infrastructure and assets.

Rubble and Debris: Quickly coating and encapsulate any potentially harmful dust associated with damaged or destroyed structures.

Controlling Stockpiles: Preventing the generation of dust from material stockpiles.

Quality Assured:

GRT: 2000 is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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