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In GRT we are specialists in Dust Control, Soil Stabilisation, Erosion Control and Water Management.

We are an international, engineering technology company focussing on providing innovative products and solutions for the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors. GRT's industry-leading technology is proven to drive process efficiency, deliver sustainable infrastructure outcomes, and improve community health, safety and environmental outcomes.

Engineered Solutions

Delivering high quality, reliable, technologies that solve safety, transport and access, and environmental challenges for our customers and their stakeholders. This is made possible by the following foundations GRT is built on.

GRT products have been developed in house. As an outcome focused company, our desire is to solve problems and improve industry performance.

Targeted areas include:

Products are developed by our team of engineers and scientists, and rigorously tested in our own laboratory and then in the field. GRT products are then 3rd party verified and finally are tested and proven by key industry partners.

Our targeted R&D program has delivered into our hands a large number of unique products, applicable to our worldwide customers across the Roads, Resources, and Rural sectors. Our products are designed for application across our worldwide network of customers – with a broad range of capability and resources available.

To deliver the benefits that these products can, GRT has also developed construction processes, spray equipment, dosing units, and product delivery options that can either be bespoke or scalable across the industry. These range from accurate but lightweight manual pump systems, to calibrated in-line dosing systems, to truck mounted spray systems.

GRT is an ISO9001 certified company. This certification covers all aspects of our product development, manufacture, storage, transport, and application

Customers and regulators can be confident that how we do business and products and engineering services we provide are:

  • Delivering environmental benefits
  • Improving the health & safety of workers
  • Driving efficiencies and savings for our customers

GRT’s foundation is engineering excellence, innovation, and dependability. With highly experienced chartered engineers forming the core of our team, GRT can develop efficient, practical, site-specific solutions across mining, civil, environmental, and geotechnical disciplines, with application in the Roads, Rural, and Resource sectors.

If your not receiving an engineered solution, you’re dealing with the wrong company.

GRT and our Affiliated Distributors & Companies Employ Over 150 Industry Professionals Across 18 Countries



Time needed for trained staff to lock down over 55,000m2 of exposed soil using GRT products



Amount of recycled in-situ material is bound in India everyday by GRT



Amount of GRT: Wet-Loc sold in the last 12 months



Amount of GRT: Enviro-Binder applied per day in Australia

GRT Manufacture Where Our Customers Need Us.


tonnes shipped daily

Our customers trust us because we deliver what we promise. And that we have the resources to back us up, starting with 11 contract manufacturing sites located strategically around the world with over 40 tonnes of unique soil stabilization and dust control specific formula’s produced and shipped daily. They give us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the markets changing needs.

"GRT stabilised marginal soil usually not considered suitable for road construction, providing extraordinary results."

Luc Ramalinga – Airfield Manager, Melbourne Airport Corporation.

"GRT greatly reduced imported gravel being required during construction phase and effectively eliminated dust whilst providing QGC cost savings of between 20-37% on road maintenance, GRT provided safety and social benefits to our contractors and surrounding land holders."

Karl Wolski – Lead Project Engineer, QGC for QCLNG Upstream Projects & Well Engineering.

"Thanks again for all of the effort put in by the entire GRT team. Lady Loretta is extremely happy with the outcome."

Brett Creely – McNamara Road Project Lead, Lady Loretta Glencore

"In June 2015 the Central Highlands Regional Council worked with the GRT staff regarding the incorporation of the GRT7000 product as a polymer seal into unsealed pavements. The team from GRT are professional and passionate and further patient, given that during these applications they were providing training to our staff on the incorporation of the product to different materials. With complements received from rural residents, GRT products have preformed beyond expectations and provided maintenance free pavements."

Brett Creely – McNamara Road Project Lead, Lady Loretta Glencore

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