Water Management Applications

Water - a precious resource. Managing water resources is already one of the key environmental challenges facing the world today – this challenge will become more critical over the coming decades as we are forced to balance water priorities across potable requirements, industry, agriculture, and ecological demands. Along with our dust and erosion control products, GRT’s range of direct water management technologies are focussed on improving and conserving this precious resource.

Ideal for the agricultural and resource sectors, this granular product is a specifically formulated, complex matrix of soluble and insoluble polymers at the forefront of dam repair technology.


Traditionally fixing a leaking dam required expensive civil works intervention – draining dams, relining with expensive imported clay or plastic liners.

GRT: DamSealer avoids all this and can solve your leaking storage dam or retention/treatment facility for a fraction of the time and cost. A unique combination of polymers in a granular form, the product is broadcast over the water surface and simply floats to the bottom and sides of the dam, where it goes to work.

GRT: DamSealer works in 2 ways:

1. Leaks and fissures cause small currents of water, which draw the larger granules in – these quickly expand to many times their size and plug these holes.

2. A complex matrix of polymers then forms a thick, gel layer, sealing the entire surface it is in contact with. This effectively relines the treated surface with a durable waterproof coating 25 to 50mm thick

Common Applications:

100grams per square metre of GRT: DamSealer is all that is required to plug leaks and integrate with the soil surface, preventing the loss of water in applications such as:

  • Stock and irrigation dams
  • “Turkey Nest” dams holding process or contaminated water
  • Mining related dams
  • Water retention basins in the civil industry
  • Compensating for poor local materials or porous substrates when constructing new dams

Unlike other treatments in the marketplace, GRT: DamSealer is non-aquatoxic so can be used in sensitive environments or even for aquaculture.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


GRT has four concentrated water treatment products that are safe and easy to handle, fast acting, and cost effective:

GRT: CC is a concentrated coagulant, used to clarify water contaminated with finely suspended clays in dams and sedimentation basins. It is also used for the removal of nutrients such as phosphate from water and fluoride from industrial wastewater. Works well in conjunction with GRT: Liquid-Floc.

GRT: Liquid-Floc is a premium flocculation product utilising long-chain polymer (LCP) technology to clarify water by capturing suspended particles and dropping them out of suspension.

GRT: Floc-Bloc is a solidified flocculation agent simply placed on the inlets to sediment basins or outlets to watercourses to allow the clarification of water through flocculation.

GRT: All Clear is the perfect stormwater treatment technology, which is easily integrated into the design and operation of high-efficiency sediment (HES) basins. It provides significant stormwater treatment benefits by removing coarse and fine sediments from contaminated runoff.

GRT Stormwater Treatment Products combine suspended contaminants in the water to form a heavier, interconnected structure. These combined particles drop out of suspension allowing the clean, clear, treated water to be discharged to the receiving environment safely and efficiently.

Used in line with our application instructions, GRT: Stormwater Treatment Products are safe and can be applied in the most environmentally sensitive areas.

Common Applications:

  • Sediment Basins
  • Water Storage Dams
  • Any contained receiving waters

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