Dust Suppression Applications

Innovative Dust Suppression and Dust Control Solutions.

Global Road Technology (GRT) is a world leader in innovative dust suppression technology that helps overcome the global challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities.

GRT has developed its dust suppression technologies so that they are simple to use, highly effective, and increase in cost-effectiveness over time. In addition to this, they can deliver these benefits using existing or readily available equipment such as existing spray systems and water lines, water trucks, cannons, spray nozzles and overhead spray bar systems.

GRT’s dust suppression technologies fall under six main product groups:

1. GRT: Haul-Loc: Ultra-concentrate that uses GRT’s LCP technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water cart operations by up to 500%. Save water, eliminate dust, and improve safety on your haul roads.

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2. GRT: ACTIVATE UG – Super activated, dust suppression for underground mining. This product is injected into water supply lines and sprayed through existing spray systems for the longwall, continuous miners, conveyors and designed to target harmful airborne coal and silica dusts.

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3. GRT: Drill & Blast Applications: GRT: 12X & GRT: DC Binder. These products help to super-activate the water used in drilling and blasting. The chemical interactions enable binding the surface of fine drill cutting piles. This prevents them from producing airborne dust.

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4. GRT Wet-Loc: Non-drying and non-setting, synthetic fluid designed to adsorb into soil particles preventing them from becoming airborne. GRT Wet-Loc is a long-lasting, totally waterless application that is ideally suited to underground mining roads, areas of heavy damaging traffic such as tracked machinery routes, and race tracks (speedways and even horse and camel tracks).

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5. GRT: ACTIVATE: Cutting edge dust suppression technology that makes water work better, harder, and more efficiently. Injected through existing spray systems, trucks or stabilizers, key applications are for quarrying crushers and conveyors and for road construction.

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6. GRT: Broadscale Applications: GRT: Soil-Loc, GRT: Ore-Loc, and GRT: Rubble-Loc. Specific formulations for farming, resources, ore stockpiles and transport, and demolition and disaster recovery sites. These products show that a little of the right technology goes a long way!

Conventional dust suppression methods waste water, contaminate runoff, contain hazardous chemicals, reduce road stability, impact driver safety and increase costs.

Not so with GRT dust control solutions. GRT’s environmentally and safety friendly products result in excellent dust prevention and higher quality, more durable roads. Customer feedback and independent scientific analysis found that GRT’s dust suppression products and services suppress greater than 95% of dust particles and delivered up to 75% cost savings compared to conventional water-only options.

GRT’s technology offers a total dust control solution and solves a range of dust control problems on all types of roads, from major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, tarmacs, hardstand areas and water repellent pavements. It can be easily applied to clay, silt, sand and gravel materials, immediately creating safer, more sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Compared to conventional processes, GRT’s dust suppression products offer a cost effective solution. They have a set of distinct advantages and lucrative benefits, including easy application and long life protection across extreme climatic conditions.

Our products also offer the toughness and flexibility to be applied across a diverse spectrum of industries, improving safety and eliminating dust complaints from staff and surrounding landholders.

Apart from the longer-term maintenance efficiencies, savings can also be achieved from the significant reduction of windborne material losses. Plus, as a non-toxic product with a low carbon footprint, it offers further environmental protection by reducing the damage caused by fugitive dust.



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“Recognised Standard 20” for dust control in surface mines

The purpose of this recognised standard is to state ways for the site senior executive (SSE) to meet their safety and health obligations, and develop their mine’s safety and health management system (SHMS) for the control of dust (respirable and inhalable) at a surface coal mine.

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