Press Release: April 14, 2020

(GRT), a leading road construction, dust control and mining services firm based in Queensland, is highlighting to the mining industry that Australian-made and sourced products are vital particularly in the current global situation. The company explains that one of the lessons learned from the Covid19 crisis is that there is too much dependence on Chinese manufacturing. As a result of the Covid19 outbreak, companies from various parts of the world, have realised that relying solely on China is too risky. Single supply points when disrupted, impact the supply chain and alternative sources have to be identified without the time for full due-diligence. GRT wants to emphasise that Australian made products can offer a solution for those who want to diversify suppliers and stop relying solely on “Made in China” products. As such, GRT proudly supports the Australian Made Campaign.

GRT is a wholly owned Australian firm that manufactures Australian made products under The Australia Made logo. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dust suppression and erosion control products for the mining industry. Daniel Grundy, General Manager of GRT, adds, “Being Australian-made also ensures the production and supply of high-quality products to our mining customers.”

The Australian Government is currently working with industry to pinpoint potential problems across production and supply chains. Meanwhile, GRT is also working to make sure that critical supply and services are maintained throughout the crisis and that their clients are not impacted.


Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


GRT offers mining dust control products that have been designed to offer flexibility and toughness that can be applicable to a wide range of industries, enhancing safety and eliminating the usual complaints about dust from staff and surrounding landholders. GRT’s mining focussed products can be categorised into the following major groups:

  • Dust control on haul and access roads.
  • Underground mining processes and access.
  • Workshop and logistics yards.
  • Erosion control for stockpiles and broad-scale areas.
  • Dust control, processing, conveying and transfer points.

Each of these technologies has been licensed by the Australian Made Campaign to display the Australian Made and Australian Grown logos. This license is granted after a rigorous process is undertaken to assess the company and supply chain on raw materials and processes. Known the world over, this logo speaks of high quality and reliability associated with Australian industry.

Troy Adams, Managing Director of GRT, states, “We have an opportunity that we can take out of this crisis to change that and put in new investment, new technologies, take advantage of our low dollar at the moment to restart a lot of manufacturing.”

Source: Digital Journal