Polymer Soil Stabilization Solution

GRT’s most advanced polymer soil stabilization product, GRT9000 was developed, for use in the construction of high-quality and cost-effective pavement applications.

GRT 9000


Inadequate pavements (due pavement life or increased traffic volumes) can result in considerable and detrimental effects for an asset owner or manager’s triple bottom line. Dust, potholes, rutting, corrugation and other surface degradation caused by heavy traffic or extreme weather can cause serious harm to people, the planet and profit.

GRT9000 polymer soil stabilization helps alleviate these environmental, social and financial concerns. Using in-situ or imported materials, GRT9000 is used to create a hard, semi-flexible and water impermeable pavement. Mitigating against pavement and surface degradation, GRT9000 is designed to treat:

  • Natural or manufactured granular pavement materials
  • Insitu recycled pavements
  • Subgrade materials such as clays, silts and sands

GRT9000 polymer soil stabilized pavements display high bearing and tensile resistance, and pose a cost effective alternative to traditional bound pavements such as asphalt and concrete – for a laid pavement saving from 50-70%. This polymer treated pavement can be used to design and construct:

  • Haul roads
  • Rural and farming roads
  • Service roads and hardstands
  • Base and sub-base layers of major public roads and infrastructure

Independently verified as environmentally sustainable, GRT9000 can also be used to improve the performance of traditional cementitious stabilising agents. This can reduce the quantity of cement or lime required in pavement designs, or completely replace them.

Compared to conventional roads, GRT9000 polymer soil stabilization drastically reduces material and haulage costs, construction time and your project’s carbon footprint – especially in remote areas. This makes GRT9000 roads greener, cheaper and longer lasting.

GRT9000 offers:

Efficient construction, with a skilled crew laying 6000m2 per shift.

High strength polymer treated materials can reduce pavement thicknesses by 70%.

Immediate cost benefits from construction and materials efficiency

Long-term cost benefits from lower maintenance and repairs

Environmental protection – GRT products are non-toxic, have a low carbon footprint and use in-situ materials

Quality Assured:

GRT9000 soil stabilization is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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