As a provider of instant infrastructure and with stated mission of developing better, safer roads, Global Roads Technology enjoys natural affiliation with motor sports.

Global Roads Technology is committed to taking direct action on road safety and is heavily engaged in globally pursuing the United Nation’s pillars of action as part of the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety 2011-2020, which is also supported by motor racing governing bodies worldwide.

With the synergies that exist between the worldwide activity of Global Road Technology and the immense popularity of motor sports worldwide, Global Roads Technology welcomes opportunities for new partnerships with this exciting sport.

Please contact the GRT head office with sponsorship opportunities.

Just like football, Global Road Technology reaches into all corners of the world.

This is why Global Road Technology is excited to discuss new opportunities with the world game.

Global Road Technology values strong engagement through our sponsorships and strives to extend the impact of those sponsorships beyond the playing field, from the local grassroots to the international stage.
Global Road Technology aligns with codes such as football that share its mission to build a better future, and improve the lives of young people and their surrounding communities.

Please contact the GRT head office with sponsorship opportunities.

Global Roads Technology is a supporter of rugby union and has domestic links in Australia through significant involvement in rugby’s indigenous outreach programs.

Global Road Technology welcomes World Rugby’s drive to foster stronger connections with fans, players and commercial partners and supports the synergies that exist between GRT and rugby’s pursuit to grow as a sport for all that is true to its values.

Global Roads Technology welcomes opportunities to develop its relationship with the international game, with GRT active in communities across the world where the sport is played and being developed.

With rugby becoming an Olympic sport, Global Road Technology’s global footprint means it welcomes opportunities for partnerships ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics and beyond.

Please contact the GRT head office with sponsorship opportunities

A strong side like the Gold Coast Titans deserve an equally strong team to support them. That’s why GRT are proud to be major sponsors for the Titans in 2015.

Based in Yatala on the Gold Coast, GRT may be orange but we bleed blue and yellow. And like the Titans we are going from strength to strength. That’s why partnering with the team in 2015 is the perfect fit.

As major sponsor GRT have back-of-jersey real-estate. Each and every game of the season, the Titan boys carry the weight of their fans and GRT on their shoulders. GRT also have on field sponsorship and signage at every home game as well as bolsters and a grandstand billboard.

Truly part of the Titan’s team, GRT are also involved in game day activations and half time activities. There’s also talk of a new GRT mascot being born to support the boys from the sideline.