GRT:DC Binder

Blast Pattern Dust Control

GRT: DC Binder prevents dust generation from the hazardous piles of drill cuttings produced by drill & blast activities. These piles contain very fine, respirable dusts that lead to lung disease such as silicosis and coal workers pneumoconiosis.


Dust can become airborne from wind, traffic and even the just movement of staff as they walk around and work in the pattern area. Fine respirable dusts are also often invisible to the naked eye - so it can be a hidden killer.



Australian Made and Owned: GRT’s mining products and equipment are all proudly developed and manufactured here in Australia.

Protect your crew!

Shotfirers, rig operators, and service truck drivers are on the ground for extended periods of time or are in and out of cabs. Dust can become airborne from wind, traffic and even the just movement of staff as they walk around in the pattern area.

Team the product up with GRT: 12X to completely manage your drill and blast activities.

Cost effective, weather proof dust control

For as little as $0.10 per sqm, GRT: DC Binder can be used in mine sites and quarries to ensure drill cuttings and surface particles are bound to form a tough crust, that is not only environmentally friendly, but is still 100% effect despite inclement weather such as rain and high winds.

Importantly, the solution also does not impact ore properties and drill and blast activities.


  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Exploration drilling 


Using our automated dosing units, the product is accurately dosed at low dosage rates into your site water carts and then sprayed over the drill pattern. GRT’s specialised long chain polymer (LCP) technology ensures a little goes a long way!

GRT: DC Binder Benefits:

Provides a safe working environment - Binds the surface of drill cutting mounds stopping dust at the source and protecting your drill and blast crew

Produces a tough crust - locks hazardous particles in place, eliminating the cause of Black Lung (CWP) and Silicosis.

Easy application - Concentrated, polymeric additive dosed into and sprayed by your own site water trucks

Cost-effective -  Eliminates the need for continual watering for dust control on mining and quarry sites. Can also be used to improve dust control on site access roads

Environment - The product is safe for the environment and stops the migration of fugitive dust into receiving waters and other sensitive ecosystems.

Quality Assured:

GRT’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 standards, and our products are approved and used by Industry leading companies, worldwide.

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