GRT1000: Military Grade Polymer

Runways, Military Camps, Temporary Roads and Accesses. GRT: 1000 is a tough durable, all purpose polymer soil binder and sealant that achieves a stable layer of clear, bonded material resistant to wind erosion, rain impact, pedestrians, and traffic.

GTRT 1000

GRT: 1000 give military engineers a water miscible, spray-able, multi-purpose coating and binding technology that:

  • Mixes readily with water
  • Is easy to apply
  • Doesn’t need heating
  • Is completely non-toxic
  • Simply by adjusting amounts, can be tailored to most applications, many soil types, and any environment.

Using existing soils onsite, GRT: 1000 is used to:

  • Quickly stabilise and seal earthen runways, using standard military construction equipment such as graders, water trucks and rollers.
  • Construct a dust free, weatherproof military camp or forward position.
  • Seal or stabilise temporary roads and tracks
  • Lock down material stockpiles from wind and rain erosion

It can also be used to seal off the open tops of earth filled, rapidly deployable barriers, such as those developed by Hesco. This provides a highly water resistant layer, prevents the loss of material by wind, and eliminates the generation of dust from the open top of soil retaining structures.

Quality Assured:

GRT: 1000 is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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