Soil Erosion Control Solutions

‘Cost Effective’ Soil Erosion Control Solutions

When it comes to soil erosion control, and protecting exposed land against the ravages of wind and water, GRT’s advanced polymer technology delivers the complete soil erosion control solution.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Almost 45% of all soil in Queensland has some sodic properties. Sodic soil is the term given to soil that holds sodium – a cation (a positive ion) – that is held loosely on clay particles in the soil.

High sodicity in soil causes clay to swell when it’s wet, and the clay particles move so far apart that they disperse. This, in turn, weakens the aggregate in the soil, causing collapses, and closing off soil pores. When this happens, water and air movement in sodic soils is severely limited and causes structural issues.

Sodic soils are particularly vulnerable to most forms of soil erosion and can affect the infrastructure of roads. Soil stabilisation is a vital component of successful road construction, and considering bitumen and concrete produce a lot of runoff, necessary steps need to be taken with stabilising the soil in road construction.

In mining and exploration activities, the natural drainage of the land is interfered with as roads are built and digs undertaken. Disturbing the soil can cause environmental issues like erosion and silting of waterways. Mining exploration requires the development of hundreds of kilometres of roads and tracks, and because of this, soil stability and erosion prevention is a vital component of ensuring environmentally safe mining works.

GRT is among the most cost-effective soil erosion control methods, with exceptional results achieved using only small quantities sprayed directly onto the surface.

This simple application means there’s no need for your staff to spend time installing any item or additional product treatments onto battered surfaces. Long-term savings on water costs are also achieved with GRT. As a scientifically formulated waterproof product, it is not affected by rainfall or storm events, while offering long-term protection with minimal maintenance required. Water runoff or loss is also significantly reduced, which can result in water savings of up 30% via a reduction in required irrigation frequency.

Other savings derived from GRT include a reduction in the wash off or leaching of expensive fertilisers and pesticides normally lost from rain and runoff. And because there’s less soil crusting with GRT’s erosion control product, germination rates of crust-sensitive plants are greatly improved. Our unique formula allows a diverse range of projects to protect against erosion, reduce the safety and environmental risk, and ultimately save more time and money. It’s the ultimate product to solve erosion and sedimentation issues – even in the most environmentally sensitive areas.

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