Cost Benefit Analysis

Typical savings compared to 4 water applications per day on 10km road being 10km away from a water source and with water costing $0.30 / kl for a 24 month period:

Dust Mitigation Cost

On average 37%
By Using GRT Dust Suppression and Polymer Seal Technology, our customers typically save more than 37% on Dust Mitigation Costs.  Please refer to our quick Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator to see how much GRT can save you given your particular scenario. For the above scenario, you will save more than $860,000 by using GRT Polymer Seal

Water Savings

More than 95% saving on water
Water based dust suppression requires constant re-watering to be effective. Water is fast becoming a scares and vital commodity. Applied water quickly evaporates instead of being available for more critical requirements such as agriculture. For the above scenario, you will save more than 229 000 000 litres water by using GRT Polymer Seal.

Greenhouse Gas Savings

More than 98%
Water needs to be applied by heavy vehicles having to constantly traverse the road. These vehicles are heavy polluters. Save for the pollution, heavy vehicles contribute to traffic and maintenance demand on the road. For the above scenario, you will remove 537 000 heavy vehicle kilometers off your road, equating to 500kg greenhouse gasses

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