Renewable Energy Applications

Committed to environmentally sustainable practice, GRT’s soil stabilisation and dust control products, processes and services are both ideologically and practically suited to the global renewable energy sector.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

GRT soil stabilisation and dust control technologies can be used to stabilise and improve in-situ materials for use in road and site pad construction.

Polymer sealing and dust suppression can be used to manage the surface of roads and exposed areas by creating a protective layer that maintains surface integrity and practically eliminates dust generation.

Long-term dust and erosion control options provide sustainable and easily applied environmentally sound management tools for roads, drains, cuttings, embankments and hardstands used for wind and solar farms, hydro-schemes, and geothermal plants.

As a “solutions based” company, GRT works with global alternative energy organisations all over the globe, and is known for its ability to solve difficult soil stabilisation and dust control challenges.

Using, improving and conserving in-situ materials in the creation of our roads and facilities solve time, money, environmental and logistical issues.

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