Mining Applications

Total Mine Site Management

We offer site-specific dust control and process management at every stage of the mining operation from exploration, drill and blast, excavation, hauling, processing to offsite transport to the port and beyond.

Our goal is to end dust as a mine site hazard.

Specific Mining Applications:

The World Leader in Innovative Dust Suppression Technology

GRT is a world leader in mine dust suppression. Our innovative products and solutions are developed in-house by engineers and scientists using robust innovative technologies.

GRT's high tech solutions deliver:

  • Exceptional cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Safer environment for mine workers

Our products are used by the world’s largest mining and quarrying companies including BHP, Anglo American and many more.

GRT’s products can create cost saving opportunities and reliable management strategies for underground and open cut mining infrastructure in all conditions and purposes as either a retrofit solution or can be designed into new developments.

12 times better than water alone in dust suppression
Increase watering efficiency per truck by 250%
Years of combined industry experience
Australian Made and Manufactured


Drilling activities generate ultra fine hazardous dust and a key challenge is to suppress this dynamic dust. Due to it’s high surface tension and surface charge, water alone cannot work fast enough to capture this dynamic dust.

Piles of drill cuttings contain a large amount of hazardous dust. These very fine, respirable dust lead to lung diseases such as silicosis and coal workers pneumoconiosis.

Our solutions:

GRT:12X super-activates drill water to ensure fine, hazardous dust is captured – forcing airborne particles to drop out of suspension.

GRT: DC Binder is a cost-effective, broad-scale dust & erosion control that locks down drill cuttings and the blast pattern area.


Left untreated, dust from unsealed haul roads can have a considerable impact on visibility, communication and respiratory health of the mine site workers and surrounding community members. Managing dust by continual watering only leads to road degradation, increased slip potential and further dust generation.

Our solution:

GRT: Haul Loc is the most cost-effective dust control solution that extends the dust suppressing effects four to five times longer than water alone, greatly reduces the water consumed by dust suppression and saves fuel, hours and resources.

Our Haul-Loc technology helped clients reduce water consumption by at least 65%. Get your copy of the free report.

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Logistics, workshop and storage yards generate dust from constant heavy vehicle traffic affecting the visibility, health and safety of the workers on-site and difficult to access with large mining water trucks.

Cost-effective, high quality, all-weather, long term heavy and light vehicle roads using on-site materials and mining equipment are difficult to build and maintain.

Our solution:

GRT: Wet-Loc is a unique, hard-wearing, long-lasting, waterless technology designed to handle heavy and damaging traffic movements. It offers exceptional long-term performance on a wide range of surfaces, including gravel, sand, clay, limestone and most native soils.


Fine dust from underground mining such as coal and silica is by nature hydrophobic (water-hating) and at the microscopic level repels water – so despite the volumes used, the finest particles simply bounce off of sprayed water. These fine particles are the most hazardous to health, leading to diseases such as black lung, Silicosis and other respiratory ailments.

Crushing, processing & transfer of ore produces large amounts of airborne dust in and around the areas of the ROM, Crushers, OHP, Transfer Points and stockpiles.

Our solutions:

GRT: Activate UGsuper-activates water sprayed to control dust in longwall, continuous miner and hard rock operations causing the water to immediately captures airborne particles, forcing them to drop out of suspension in the air.

GRT: Activate is used to super-activate water sprayed to control dust in material crushing, transfer & handling operations and optimising ore/water conditions for effective dust control.

Our underground mining solutions are 12X more effective than water alone. Get your copy of the free report.

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In large open mine sites, wind and water erosion generates dust and impacts earthworks, spoil stockpiles, mine tailings and off-site other land users by causing siltation and dust deposition over wide areas.

Our solution:

GRT Soil-Loc is a cost-effective, broad-scale dust suppression and wind erosion technology designed to protect sensitive exposed surfaces. solves wind and rain erosion problems – keeping your material where you need it the most.

GRT: Enviro Binder is a long-lasting wind and water erosion control and waterproofing solution of treated surfaces.


Left uncovered dust from conveyors, large mineral stockpiles or pulverised minerals in transit can have a considerable impact on the environment and the quality of life for local communities.

Our solution:

GRT Ore-Loc is a robust, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating/crusting solution on all ore and material surface types. Used as a liquid tarping agent, GRT Ore-Loc prevents the loss of materials whilst in stockpile, transport and while waiting at the port.

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