GRT Ore-Loc:
Bulk Material Dust Control

Control your stockpiles & Cover your loads!

GRT Ore-Loc is a robust, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating/crusting solution on all ore and material surface types. Designed specifically for the tough conditions of the resources sector, GRT Ore-Loc can be applied directly to raw materials using existing or specially designed spray-bar systems or simply by conventional water cart.

GRT Ore-Loc

We’ve Got Dust Covered

Left uncovered, dust from conveyors, large mineral stockpiles or pulverised minerals in transit can have a considerable impact on the environment and the quality of life for local communities. Used as a liquid tarping agent, GRT Ore-Loc prevents the loss of materials whilst in storage or transport.

GRT will work with you to devise a site-specific dust mitigation strategy to meet the challenges facing your project. We can also provide ongoing dust monitoring services to ensure the most cost effective protection over the life of your project.


KEY Areas of use for GRT ORE-Loc include:

Safety Management – Workers and surrounding land-users are protected from harmful effects from wind-borne particles such as black lung.

Liquid Tarping – Prevents airborne dust from materials stockpiles

Sealing – Controls dust on conveyor systems and rail cars

Environmental Management – Mitigate the impact of dust on surrounding environment and on people

Key Benefits:


Easy Application, through existing or bespoke systems

Flexible Protection across wet, dry and extreme climates

Robust production characteristics allow it to be applied across a diverse range of industries

Cost benefits from reducing wind-borne material loss

Environmental protection – GRT Ore-Loc is non-toxic, has a low carbon footprint and reduces the damage caused by fugitive dust.

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