GRT Enviro Binder: Erosion Control Product


GRT: Enviro Binder is a unique erosion control product proven to outperform in any application and provide immediate, long lasting results.

GRT Enviro Binder


GRT: Enviro Binder is diluted (1:9) with water and then sprayed onto the material surface by truck or hand spray. The environmentally friendly, tough and durable polymer is applied to stop erosion on exposed slopes and areas at risk of erosion by rainfall and overland flow.

Areas of concentrated water flow such as v-drains (side drains or road ditches) are effectively treated by simply applying multiple coats, or applying at a reduced dilution.

The product also reduces the risk of wind erosion and subsequent dust generation to zero – making it the perfect one-two combination!

Common applications are:

  • Cut or embankment batters
  • Preload embankment protection
  • Stockpiles and bunds
  • V-drain & Catch Banks

Positive Environmental Impact:

  1. Reduces Soil Loss: By controlling erosion, GRT: Enviro Binder helps reduce soil loss. This is crucial for maintaining soil fertility and supporting plant growth.
  2. Prevents Water Pollution: Erosion often leads to sediment runoff, which can pollute water bodies. GRT: Enviro Binder minimises this runoff, protecting rivers, lakes, and streams from contamination.
  3. Supports Vegetation Growth: Stabilised soil provides a better environment for vegetation. This promotes plant growth and helps restore degraded areas.
  4. Decreases Dust Emissions: Dust from loose soil can be a health hazard and an environmental concern. GRT: Enviro Binder reduces dust emissions, improving air quality and protecting ecosystems.
  5. Enhances Water Retention: Stabilised soil retains water more effectively, reducing the need for irrigation and supporting sustainable water management practices.

GRT: Enviro Binder - long lasting, proven erosion control.

Key Benefits:

Non toxic and environmentally friendly product to both terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna (Livestock, fish, birds)

Immediately effective once applied and binds soil preventing impact and sheet erosion on any exposed soil area including fl at surfaces, batters and stockpiles

Supports seed and vegetation growth by forming a matrix bonds within the soil allowing the growth to take place whilst maintaining its erosion and dust suppression properties for the long term.

Minimal soil preparation for application of product

Cost effective results – after assessing costs the effectiveness of (GRT: Enviro-Binder) allows projects to reduce safety and environmental risk, save time and ultimately save costs to other potential products

Safe installation – sprayed directly onto the surface cutting out the need for staff to install any product or item on battered surfaces

Waterproof product that is not affected by rainfall or storm events

Ultimate product to solve erosion and sediment issues in the most environmentally sensitive areas

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