GRT Nature Plus Product: Reliable Seed Generation Solution

A specially formulated liquid polymer combined with a highly effective source of phosphorus and nitrogen to increase germination and strike rate, GRT Nature Plus is a key solution for all revegetation needs. Engineered for use in civil construction and Mine site rehabilitation.

GRT Nature Plus


Applied over exposed areas and batters, GRT Nature Plus will lock the seed in place creating ideal growing conditions by retaining moisture levels in the soil and providing the nutrients needed for germination. The Nitrogen in the GRT Nature Plus product is found in the optimal ammonium form, which allows for a more stable environment resulting in a reduced leaching of Nitrogen. The unique form of phosphorus will greatly increase the growing conditions in the soil. The combination is further improved with organic catalysts to provide even distribution throughout the soil and plant uptake area.

GRT Nature Plus contains our biocatalyst technology (a special blend of surfactants, penetrants and organic acids) that allows for greater penetration, mobility and increased uptake of the nutrients by the plant. GRT Nature Plus is an ideal product for all revegetation programs to give excellent boosts to growth, root development, colour and overall plant health.

NPKS 13-19-0-0 + Organic Catalysts

Quality Assured:

GRT Nature Plus is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

GRT Nature Plus Benefits:

Immediately effective upon application—bonds directly to soil

Accelerate Germination

Reduces impact erosion, Sheet Erosion, Topsoil loss and sediment into surrounding environmental sensitive areas.

Cost effective when compared to hydro-mulching and hydro-seeding revegetation

Minimizes wash away of seed – Might be better to say Retains 40% more seed then most other products?

Aids fertiliser retention around root zone

More available fertiliser for plant uptake

Suited for open areas, batters rehabilitation areas

Environmentally Friendly

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