GRT CC: Contaminated Water Treatment Solution

GRT: CC is a Concentrated Coagulant, used to clarify water contaminated with finely suspended clays in dams and sedimentation basins. It is also used for removal of nutrients such as phosphate from water and fluoride from industrial wastewater.


GRT: CC is a concentrate solution – making it cost effective and efficient to both transport and use.

The product is used to separate the suspended and dissolved compounds from water. Suspended mineral, organics, pathogens and dissolved species such as metal ions, phosphates, fluoride and radionuclides can be separated and settled out using GRT: Water Clarification Products.

How to use:

1. GRT: CC is a viscous liquid and requires good mixing to dissolve and function at optimum performance. Care should be taken to ensure that dose levels are optimised through a settling test and volumes of dam are estimated as accurately as possible.

2. GRT:CC can be dissolved in water initially at a higher concentration then distributed evenly over the surface of a water body with a spray unit or injected into a circulating stream of water.

3. Dose rate should be between 2 – 10 ppm using 5L / 1 million Litres of water as a starting point. Higher concentrations will settle faster with less clarity, whilst lower concentrations will settle more slowly with better clarity.

4. Clarity and speed of settling can both be improved with a combination of GRT: CC and GRT: Liquid-Floc.

5. Please ask your local GRT representative for assistance in matching your clarifying needs with product requirements.

Quality Assured:

GRT: CC is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and has been comprehensively reviewed by leading independent testing institutions and major companies worldwide.

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