Location Miles, South West Queensland, Australia
Service Heavy industrial yard dust control
Products GRT: Wet-loc
Duration Month 2017 – ongoing
Status Ongoing

Since the early 2000s, the Shell-operated QGC venture has been producing cleaner energy for Australia and the world through the production of natural gases. As QGC expands their gas production network in southwest Queensland through the establishment of newer production wells, field compression stations, and processing plants, an increased development of pipework will be required to support the transition of natural gases from one location to another. This gas network will importantly be developed sustainably to uphold the respect QGC have towards the environment, local businesses, and surrounding communities. 

To be one of Australia’s largest natural gas producer requires not only support from all levels of the organisation, it requires effective and efficient logistics operations. With the support of GRT, QGC’s 70,000 m2 logistics yard has transformed into one of the organisation’s major logistics location; delivering equipment and product to both domestic and international customers. In addition, this logistic yard supports gas operations of its surrounding areas and up to the LNG plant. In the development phase of the QGC network, GRT supported gas field access road network connecting Dalby, Chinchilla, and Roma. Learn more about the QGC gas field access road network case study can be read here

To locate and deliver equipment when demanded requires a well-managed and dust free logistics yard. A dust free logistics yard is imperative for the visibility of the area as well as the health and safety of the workers on site. Due to the rapid development of the organisation as well as the associated responsibilities QGC are committed to in both the community and the environment, precise planning would be completed for the QGC logistics yard to not only ensure regulations and standard were met, but to also ensure potential health, safety, and environmental risks were realized, managed, and mitigated.

Iveco - Wet-Loc spraying


Truck and Logistic Yard Dust Control

For this project, the fundamental challenge was to deliver a dust control solution for a heavy industrial logistics site where traffic would constantly be occurring. Due to the high traffic volume on the site, severe dust problems were introduced. As a result, dust was being generated in volumes so great that visibility of any vehicle or equipment were being diminished on site. As moderate and heavy vehicles like body trucks, semi-trailers, and forklifts were at constant utilisation on site, low visibility was determined as a significant problem. 

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Furthermore, as the QGC logistics yard is situated in Miles, southwest Queensland and in an area that was susceptible to low rainfall and dry weather, it was inevitable that dust problems were introduced. To address the low visibility and dust generated on site, continual spray of water to logistics yard was issued by the QGC organisation. In addition to the low visibility, the dust generated was determined to be detrimental to the efficiency and effectiveness of the vehicles and equipment on site. Moreover, dust impacted equipment would require extensive cleaning that would inevitably result in greater costs to the logistics yard. Due the immense size of the logistics yard, QGC concluded that water spraying was not a long-term solution. 

Dust generated onsite was affecting standard traffic operations on site, the equipment utilised for gas network development, and also impacting the health and safety of the workers on site. With the QGC organisation considered as one that values their employee’s health and safely, it was determined that a solution was required. With all this in mind, the GRT team was tasked to supply and apply an effective product that would consider all project requirements as well as the challenges and environmental concerns involved.


Hardstand Dust Control – GRT: Wet-Loc

As the successful expansion of the QGC gas production network relied on the operational efficiency and effectiveness of their logistics yard, it was imperative that the correct product/s and solution was chosen. After the completion of site and area assessments as well as various client requirement analysis and risk assessments, the GRT team selected the GRT: Wet-Loc as the recommended product for this heavy industrial logistics yard. This GRT product was selected after careful consideration of both the environmental and economic impact this product may develop after application. 

Since the initial application in 2017, the GRT: Wet-Loc product continues to remain as the only proven heavy industrial dust control product on the market that has the ability to handle both moderate and heavy vehicles for durations of six to eight months after application. Furthermore, the product’s low environmental and health impact alongside its sustainable materials has created a long lasting partnership between GRT and QGC.

The strategic decision to select GRT: Wet-Loc as the recommended product for this heavy industrial dust control project was determined as it:

  • Met the strict environmental, health and safety criteria imposed by both the QGC and parent Shell organisation
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-volatile product
  • High performance capabilities
  • Was designed to specifically to create an area where there is zero harmful airborne dust
  • Supported QGC’s responsibility to the community and workforce through the delivery of an environmentally friendly sustainable product
  • Required ZERO water to be wasted in dust suppression activities.


The GRT: Wet-Loc treated logistics yard delivered high performing results that were expected from the product. Some of the major GRT: Wet-Loc benefits are:

  • Long-term performance with UV Ray resistance
  • Product is resistance against rain and other weather challenges
  • Safe for humans, animals, and the natural environment
  • Non-corrosive and safe for all types of equipment
  • No cure time required – immediately effective once applied.