Location South West Queensland, Queensland, Australia
Service Road Sealing, Stabilisation, & Dust Suppression
Products GRT7000
Duration August 2012 – September 2015
Status Completed

With the coal seam gas sector developed among rural areas of in South West Queensland (Dalby – Chinchilla – Roma), a number of challenges were created during this initial phase. The majority of access roads to the wells were the existing unsealed road network – constructed with the intention of carrying only 10 to 20 vehicles per day. Overuse of the roads impacted not only the internal road composition structurally, but also created dust problems which would inherently affect not only the people who utilize the road and the residents but also the surrounding land uses (farming and agriculture).  With the road network over 95km long, precise planning would be completed to ensure that all regulations and standards of the client were met, whilst ensuring potential health, safety, and environmental risks were realized, managed, and mitigated.


The increased vehicle traffic on these roads – from 10 to 20 vehicles to more than 100 heavy vehicles per day – introduced severe dust problems as dust now generated in much greater volumes – from not only the vehicles but also from the wind exposure on the broadacre areas and stockpiles. These dust problems would not only affect the people who utilize the road, but also the surrounding residents. Furthermore, farmers were beginning to prevent workers from utilizing the road to reduce the dust generated (“Shut the Gate” movement). This was due to impact dust was contributing to the surrounding cropping and pastoral land.

In addition, various access road pavements were beginning to fail as these roads were not constructed with the intention of high traffic volume usage. Failing pavements pose a safety threat and financial risk. Furthermore, due to no road compaction or sealing, rain events coupled with the additional increased traffic was changing the structural integrity of the road (i.e. road corrugation and potholes), making it unsafe for residents and workers to use.



GRT7000 Polymer Sealing: The GRT team provided a road network assessment to determine the most suitable product considering both the environmental and economic impact this product may potentially produce. GRT7000, a concept unique to GRT, was the recommended product for the entire 95km as it:

  • Provided exceptional road surfacing outcomes
  • Fit in the project budget,
  • Met the strict environmental criteria imposed by the local council.

GRT7000 is a clear drying polymer emulsion sprayed on or worked into the surface of the pavement to provide a tough, waterproof, and dust free pavement surface.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


The GRT7000 treated roads not only became dust free, but complications between the farmers were also reduced. The GRT7000 polymer and sealants work differently to the standard market sealants. With each application, an accumulating number of silty dust particles are bound together, preventing them from being airborne. With this project, the benefits and results gained were clear:

  • Elimination of dust and all its impacts (visibility, health, environmental, agricultural)
  • The stable, waterproof sealed surface road
  • Road corrugation and potholing prevention
  • Improved skid resistance and rolling resistance
  • Environmentally friendly product

This product has been utilised globally by GRT for similar civil applications and other applications such as military, industrial, private, tourism and mining sectors.