Dust Suppression Pilbara, 6753

Global Road Technology is a proudly Australian business providing innovative dust suppression solutions for iron ore, precious metals, industrial minerals, specialty metals and steel alloy metals assets. Excessive dust generated from mining activities results in potential noncompliance to legislation, community concern and negative reputational impact. GRT deals with inherent risk of dust generated at different pit to port operations such as:

  • haul roads
  • stockyards
  • drilling
  • blasting
  • split ore clean up
  • material blending
  • conveyor belts
  • build-up of reject ore
  • crushing and screening plant
  • dry screening and rescreening
  • stacking and reclaiming ore

Pilbara – Background information

The Pilbara is in the north of Western Australia, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and extending across the Great Sandy Desert to the Northern Territory border in the east. It extends south from the De Grey River to the Ashburton River as far as 720 km inland.  is one of the largest regions in WA, the Pilbara covers 507,896 square kilometers of unique and breathtaking natural landscape and averages 300 meters in elevation.

Pilbara is the state’s mining powerhouse and significantly contributes to the national wealth. Its iron ore and liquefied natural gas industries are valued at over $70 billion, representing more than 70% of mineral and energy production in WA.

Pilbara is made up of four local government authorities:


Cane 6710, Christmas Island 6798, Fortescue 6716, Karijini 6751, Millstream 6716, Mount Sheila 6751, Nanutarra 6751, Onslow 6710, Pannawonica 6716, Paraburdoo 6754, Peedamulla 6710, Rocklea 6751, Yannarie 6710

Port Hedland Pilbara: 

Boodarie 6722, De Grey 6722, Indee 6721, Mundabullangana 6721, Pippingarra 6722, Port Hedland 6721, Redbank 6721, South Hedland 6722, Strelley 6721, Wedgefield 6721

Karratha Pilbara:

Balla Balla 6714, Baynton 6714,  Karratha 6714, Karratha Industrial Estate 6714, Maitland 6714, Mount Anketell 6714, Mulataga 6714, Nickol 6714, Pegs Creek 6714, Point Samson 6720, Roebourne 6718, Sherlock 6714, Stove Hill 6714

East Pilbara:

Marble Bar 6760, Newman 6753, Nullagine 6758

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns, or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Most polluted postcodes where mining or coal are big industries

GRT Case Study – Pilbara, Western Australia.

Our client is one of the world’s largest mining companies and an Australian based resource company, it is involved in the production of iron, steel, copper, silver, aluminum, oil, and gas. GRT’s dust suppression system has resulted in an efficiency gain in the use of the product of at least 20%, saving water truck usage, fuel, and more. Find out more in this case study

GRT dust suppression applications and products 

Haul roads: Reports indicate that a mine site uses 9.4 million litres of water per day on just its haul road activities. Water is not only unsustainable but also very ineffective as a haul road dust suppression method. Using GRT:Haul-Loc results in great operational improvement and massive cost savings in water usage and fuel used for water truck movements. 

ProductGRT: Haul-Loc 

Drilling: The economic value of drilling operations should not happen at the expense of worker safety and health. It is important to implement industry best practice to ensure dust produced from drilling do not pose any health hazards to the mineworkers. We offer effective blast and drill dust control. 

ProductGRT: 12X 

Blasting: GRT takes a no-compromise stance to save lives and its sole mandate is to offer solutions at the apex of solving any dust-related problem arising from blasting activities before it takes place. We offer effective blast patter dust suppression solutions. 

ProductGRT: DC Binder 

Stockpiles: We have grown a rapport across many industries for tackling stockpile dust challenges on different sites. Mining is one of our major areas. So, why wait to hear it from elsewhere when you can get it first hand from us.


Conveyor belts: GRT implements a combination of chemistry and particle size in making water work for conveyor belt dust control. We wet the material to optimal moisture content, preventing fines from being carried off into the air, or to the air above the material, to return airborne fines to the material bed. The material doesn’t have to be handled again.


Why use GRT to provide dust suppression in the Pilbara Region, Western Australia?

Reach out to our Technical Product Manager  and discuss best practices for dust suppression for your mine site. We are at your service. You are guaranteed the following if you choose GRT:

  • Site-specific products.
  • Exceptional product quality.
  • 24/7/365 expert teams.
  • Scheduled operational delivery.
  • Pre and post-site assessments.
  • Experienced engineers.
  • Advocates for compliance with TWA and STEL.
  • An innovative company that understands dust legislation. 
  • Track record of industry knowledge and contribution.
  • Australian Made solutions 

At GRT, we understand the importance of your time and strive to improve the customer experience. GRT Smart Product Finder empowers you to find the right product for your site specific problems – quickly and easily!

Australia Made and ISO Certified dust suppression solutions

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