Global Road Technology are dust control specialists that pride themselves in dealing with stockpile dust at its source. For us, stockpile dust control is a sole mandate to give you the client, your neighbours and communities within the vicinity of your operations peace of mind and guarantee of quality workmanship. We have grown a rapport across many industries for tackling stockpile dust challenges on different sites. So, why wait to hear it from elsewhere when you can get it first hand from us. In today’s conversation we take you through how to implement stockpile dust control. 

How to implement stockpile dust control?

Implementing stockpile dust control takes proper planning and targeted selection of dust control products suitable for the dust type to achieve successful results. GRT provides you with an expert team and suitable products that help you achieve stockpile dust control effectively. The stockpile dust control product range is varied and can be applied in mining, construction, farming, renewables, ports of entry and harbours, oil and gas and any other area of application which uses stockpiles for material storage and logistics. The following steps show how to implement stockpile dust control:

  • Check weather on day of dust control 
  • Assess location and condition of stockpile.
  • Monitor dust in real-time to evaluate particle size range.
  • Match smallest dust particle to palliative particle size. 
  • Select dust control product.
  • Select spray system to use with appropriate nozzle type.
  • Spray the stockpile to achieve adequate coverage.
  • Monitor dust in real-time after dust control.

What are the factors affecting the implementation of stockpile dust control?

The importance of stockpile dust control to workplace and community health and safety and the environment has been penned before by GRT. These are the factors that affect the implementation of stockpile dust control:

  • Material characteristics such as type and structure.
  • Material behaviour on exposure to moisture.
  • Material processing sensitivity to additives.
  • Feasibility of installing spray systems
  • Availability and quality of the water 
  • Stacking and reclamation method. 
  • Stockpile turnover frequency.



GRT stockpile dust control products & key product benefits

GRT: ACTIVATE – is an ionically charged dust control product used to super-activate water sprayed to control dust in conveying material to stockpile. It offers the following key product benefits:

  • Health benefits from stripping out hazardous dust particles.
  • Easy application through existing spraying systems.
  • Significantly reduce water consumption for process dust control.
  • Robust product characteristics for application in diverse range of industries.
  • Cost benefits from improving the efficiency of processing and handling operations.
  • Environmental benefits as less water is wasted trying to manage dust. 

GRT: ORE-LOC – is a robust, liquid polymer that provides exceptional surface coating/crusting solution on all ore and material surface types. It offers the following key product benefits:

  • Easy application through existing systems.
  • Flexible protection across wet, dry and extreme climates.
  • Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied across diverse range of industries.
  • Cost benefits from reducing wind-borne material loss.
  • Environmental protection owing non-toxicity and low carbon footprint.

Why choose GRT for stockpile dust control?

We are dust control specialists and stockpile dust control is our area of expertise therefore you are guaranteed the following if you choose GRT for stockpile dust control:

  • Site specific products.
  • Exceptional product quality.
  • 24/7/365 expert teams.
  • Scheduled operational delivery.
  • Pre and post site assessments.
  • Experienced engineers.
  • Advocates for compliance with TWA and STEL.
  • Innovative company that understands dust legislation. 
  • Track record of industry knowledge and contribution. 

In conclusion

Implementing stockpile dust control requires seasoned dust control specialists with products that do the job. While you focus on your day to day business let us deal with stockpile dust at its source. Speak to our General Manager, Daniel Grundy and add consistent regulatory compliance to your checklist by becoming part of the growing clientele that trust GRT to do the job. 

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