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Global Road Technology is a world-leading dust suppression specialist for run of mine (ROM), crush and screen plant, and coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP) activities. The workplace exposure limits for coal dust in Queensland have changed and inspectors have ramped up their efforts to enforce compliance. Several GRT products are currently used at mines in Moranbah, Central Queensland. We deal with hazardous dust at your coal mining operations ensuring worker health and safety, compliance and save you water. GRT products are applicable in the following key areas:

  • drilling
  • blasting
  • LV roads
  • haul roads
  • ring roads
  • roads around stockpiles
  • conveyor belts & transfer points
  • buggy entrance to underground mines

Moranbah – Background information

Moranbah, is a small regional town located in the Isaac Regional Council (IRC) area of jurisdiction of the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland. Moranbah, is located 150 km south-west of Mackay in a belt of coal mining towns and is the main service centre for the IRC area. The town was purpose-built by the Utah Development Company in 1970 to service the Goonyella and Peak Downs Mines.

By 2016, there were up to 24 mines in operation in the area surrounding Moranbah, producing 56% of Queensland saleable coal. Mining leases extend up to the boundaries of the town just outside the dust contours, land locking the town. The share these mines is divided amongst these companies:

  • Anglo American plc.
  • Nippon Steel Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Mitsui & Co Ltd.
  • Ns Resources Australia Pty Ltd
  • Shinsho Australia Pty Ltd
  • JFE Mineral Co Ltd

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns, or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Most polluted postcodes where mining or coal are big industries

GRT Case Study – Coal Mine, Bowen Basin, Central Queensland.

The Bowen Basin of eastern Australia contains up to 10 km of largely clastic sediment from the terrestrial and shallow marine origin along with substantial volumes of economic coals. This case study highlights our ongoing contributions to underground and CHPP in Bowen Basin.

GRT dust suppression applications and products

Drilling: The economic value of drilling operations should not happen at the expense of worker safety and health. It is important to implement industry best practice to ensure dust produced from drilling do not pose any health hazards to the mineworkers. We offer effective blast and drill dust control.

Product: GRT: 12X 

Blasting: GRT takes a no-compromise stance to save lives and its sole mandate is to offer solutions at the apex of solving any dust-related problem arising from blasting activities before it takes place. We offer effective blast patter dust suppression solutions.

Product: GRT: DC Binder 

Haul roads: Reports indicate that a mine site uses 9.4 million litres of water per day on just its haul road activities. Water is not only unsustainable but also very ineffective as a haul road dust suppression method. Using GRT:Haul-Loc results in great operational improvement and massive cost savings in water usage and fuel used for water truck movements.

Product: GRT: Haul-Loc 

Stockpiles: We have grown a rapport across many industries for tackling stockpile dust challenges on different sites. Mining is one of our major areas. So, why wait to hear it from elsewhere when you can get it first hand from us.


Conveyor belts: GRT implements a combination of chemistry and particle size in making water work for conveyor belt dust control. We wet the material to optimal moisture content, preventing fines from being carried off into the air, or to the air above the material, to return airborne fines to the material bed. The material doesn’t have to be handled again.



Why use GRT to provide dust suppression in Moranbah, Central Queensland?

Reach out to our Technical Product Manager and get the best practices for your mine site. We are at your service. You are guaranteed the following if you choose GRT:

  • Site-specific products.
  • Exceptional product quality.
  • 24/7/365 expert teams.
  • Scheduled operational delivery.
  • Pre and post-site assessments.
  • Experienced engineers.
  • Advocates for compliance with TWA and STEL.
  • An innovative company that understands dust legislation.
  • Track record of industry knowledge and contribution.
  • Australia Made Products

Australia Made and ISO Certified dust suppression solutions

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