Australian headquartered mining and civil services firm Global Road Technology (GRT), today announced a new joint venture with CQ Dust Suppression focusing on the Central Queensland and Moranbah region, as the organisation continues to build its national presence. 

This partnership will see CQ Dust Suppression utilise GRT’s suite of dust suppression solutions and techniques to reduce the amount of respirable dust caused from mining activities in the region and will see the companies work together across seven sites.

For CQ Dust Suppression founder and long-time Moranbah resident Paul Pyziakos the goal of the partnership is reduce the impacts of mining on the workers servicing the mines and the members of the community who call it home. 

“This partnership is designed specifically to enable CQ Dust Suppression, to utilise GRT’s world-leading dust elimination technology and solutions to minimise the impact of mining operations on Central Queensland communities,” said Mr Pyziakos.

“As someone who has lived in the region for their entire life and spent over 24 years working in the coal mining sector in both operations and latterly as a, Open Cut Examiner (a supervisory role responsible for the health and safety of mine workers), I am well aware of the dangers of dust on mining workers and the communities that we call home. This partnership allows me to work with an organisation that supports my proactive approach to dust mitigation for the purpose of protecting the local communities that live here – a responsibility I take seriously as someone who has spent most of their life here and worked with many of the people and organisations that call this great part of the country home.”

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


GRT, is a world-leader in the development of infrastructure and process solutions for the mining, civil and agricultural sectors that minimise safety issues and can be applied across various soil types – making it extremely adaptable – a major reason for its usage within the Australian mining sector. 

It has developed a range of innovative chemical additives GRT: Haul-Loc, GRT: Activate UG, GRT: Ore-Loc, and GRT: Wet-Loc designed specifically for managing and containing dust for the purpose of protecting workers on mining sites and nearby residents and landholders from airborne dust pollution and disease. Working with CQ Dust Suppression, GRT has also launched 2 new products for drill and blast dust control – GRT: 12X and GRT DC Binder. These new products prevent the generation of dust by super-activating the water used in drilling and binding the surface of fine drill cutting piles to prevent them producing airborne dust. 

Over the past 24 months GRT has been experiencing a surge in enquiries from the mining, construction and agricultural sectors after a nationwide tightening of legislation in the wake of recent deaths from silicosis and CWP caused by airborne diseases.  

This tightening of legislation is spearheaded by the controls outlined by Recognised Standard 20. This Qld legislation – which GRT heartily endorses and can provide solutions for – has a particular focus on dust control in surface mines, as respirable dust is one of the main health hazards for coal mining operations. 

For GRT General Manager Daniel Grundy, the joint venture with CQ Dust Suppression is an exciting step forward as the firm seeks to build its national (and international) array of partners as it seeks to provide its expertise in reducing the air pollution caused by mining activity.

“It is an exciting opportunity to partner with Paul and his team, as we seek to only work with people whose approach to the health and safety of mining workers and protection of neighbouring communities mirrors our own commitment,” Mr Grundy said. 


“GRT products and services meet the stringent safety and environmental requirements laid down by the state and federal governments across Australia, and we’ve worked alongside the sector from the onset to develop our products and tailor them to the needs of miners. Our approach to dust suppression is to eliminate the hazard before it can become a threat and this approach requires the highest levels of training and product quality to achieve. Paul is someone who is very aligned with this philosophy and we look forward to working with him to improve the health and safety outcomes in the Central Queensland region he calls home.”

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