In August 2019, GRT General manager, Daniel Grundy presented a paper at the QMIHS conference, on the development and application of our unique coal dust suppression product– GRT Activate UG.

GRT Activate UG is used to super-activate water sprayed to control coal dust in longwall and continuous miner operations. Coal is by nature hydrophobic (water-hating) and at the microscopic level repels water – so despite the volumes used, the finest particles simply bounce off of sprayed water. These fine particles, which may not even be visible, are the most hazardous to health, leading to diseases such as black lung and other respiratory ailments.

GRT: Activate UG super-activates water to overcome this behaviour causing the water to immediately coat airborne particles, forcing them to drop out of suspension in the air.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Injected into existing spray systems, GRT: Activate UG saturates the coal face and intercepts fine particles immobilising fugitive dust. Importantly, the solution does not alter the burning properties coal or quality of your products, by targeting and mitigating only dust.

Key Benefits


  • Easy application through existing or bespoke systems
  • Health Benefits: Strips out hazardous dust particles – eliminating the cause of respiratory illness such as black lung
  • Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied across a diverse range of industries
  • Cost benefits from improving the efficiency of longwall and continuous miner operations
  • Environmental benefits as less water is wasted trying to manage dust