Infrastructure firm Global Road Technology establishes itself as a global leader in soil stabilization and dust control and the delivery of transport solutions.

As 2014 passes the halfway mark Australian instant highway firm Global Road Technology (GRT) is continuing to set a global benchmark in the delivery of rapid infrastructure solutions.

With its focus on the development, manufacturing and application of its innovative range of specialized road-building products GRT has garnered a global reputation for providing infrastructure solutions across a variety of industries, environments and conditions.  Critically, as part of its worldwide expansion, the firm is investing significantly in innovation as it seeks to further cement its place as a leader in its field.

GRT Chief Financial Officer Herman Allison said that the business takes its inspiration from the German “Mittelstand”; the group of medium-sized enterprises that drive Germany’s economy with their approach to sustainable growth through ongoing business investment.

“Here at GRT we are definitely taking the long-term view by establishing a solid foundation for sustainable growth, investment in research and development and focus on innovative manufacturing practices as we continue our domestic and international expansion,” said Mr Allison.

“In this, we are very much following the approach of the German ‘Mittelstand’ it’s mid-sized manufacturing companies that are acknowledged as global leaders in their respective fields and renowned for producing the best products, using the best practices.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

They invest heavily in research and development, equipment and most importantly their people to ensure that their companies stay ahead of their competition, both domestically and abroad.”


In-line with this approach GRT is currently undertaking a significant investment in research and development to develop leading edge, environmentally friendly polymer materials that are used in the application of their soil stabilization and dust control products.

The firm has established itself as an industry leader in the development and application of soil stabilization and dust control technology products that have been used for years in the mining, commercial, industrial, farming industries as well as helping developing communities and other commercial applications worldwide.

To service demand Global Road Technology has established a purpose-built facility at Yatala, Queensland, as a manufacturing and operational base to manage their global expansion.

They have also appointed a new Head of Research and Development Dr Babak (Mojtaba) Abtahi who said the firm is making a significant investment as it seeks to cement its reputation as a world-leading developer of environmentally friendly dust suppression and soil stabilization products.

Recently returned from Massachusetts where he is on a month-long research trip at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr Abtahi is excited about leading the development of new soil stabilization and dust control products at the Yatala facility.

“Our goal at GRT is to be seen as the industry leader in the field of instant infrastructure, and lead the development of products in road and soil stabilization, in addition to dust suppression and control systems,” Dr Abtahi said.

“Soil stabilization is the process of changing the properties of soil to improve its strength and durability of the surface and when you combine this with dust suppression it enables Global Road Technology products to minimize soil erosion, air pollution and minimize material run-off into water supplies – providing a significant benefit for the environment.

We are currently working on a number of new products and are always enhancing and looking to better our existing ones, to ensure that we supply our clients with the best possible solution when constructing long-term infrastructure or creating temporary access roads for access to sites.”

Global Road Technology is providing industry and government solutions in Australia and internationally by working with major companies across the mining, oil and gas sectors with its cost-effective and environmentally friendly road building technology.

GRT provides military, industry and government solutions in Australia and internationally by working with major companies across the mining, oil and gas sectors, with its cost-effective and environmentally friendly road building technology.

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