The most effective control methods are known to be behaviours and routines habits that can be easily introduced into workplace protocol. It is common knowledge that habits such as checking of weather conditions, identifying and isolating dust sources, positioning, job rotation and RPE are effective to a point, but there is no one perfect method to overcome dust pollution in the mining and coal industries is an integration of many methods combined with available technologies.

The Water Saturation Fallacy

To this day, it is still falsely believed that water on its own is an effective method of dust control as it is reasonably inexpensive, quite widely available and is believed to hold dust particles together. However, there are certain factors that are not discussed and quite often misunderstood.

For instance, the quantity of water required, since water evaporates extremely quickly. Hence, a high quantity of water is consistently required to suppress dust suspension even in a relatively small area. With temperatures increasing every year, and water scarcity becoming a more prominent issue, dust suppression through water spraying is no longer a viable long-term solution.

Another misconception is that water inhibits dust suspension as it holds particle together. However, the dust particles, in particular coal and silica dust are hydrophobic (water-hating). Water has an extremely high surface tension due to its chemical composition. So, when water is spread over an area of high dust concentration the water is more likely to suspend these particles rather than suppress them, hence why water isn’t a viable solution.

There are far more effective technologies readily available on the market that can ensure maximum dust suppression that have been proven to be an effective controller of dust. Some of the alternatives available from GRT are summarised below.

Global Road Technology (GRT) Products


Material Type: Super-activated synthetic liquid.

Method of Distribution: injection through existing spray systems, trucks or stabilizers and then sprayed.

Best used on: hydrophobic fine dust, and any underground mining or tunnelling operation.

Mechanics: the ionically charged water forces particles out of suspension

Other features include: High versatility since this technology can be utilised across many fields such as safety management, it can improve the efficiency of current spray systems, it is applicable for dust on conveyor systems as well as in transit and it assists in mitigating the impact of dust on surrounding environments and people. The resourcefulness of this dust suppression method and its unique method of inhibiting dust exposure is what makes it exceptional.

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GRT Wet-Loc

GRT Wet-Loc 

Material Type: non-drying, long-lasting, totally waterless and non-setting, synthetic fluid.

Application: underground mining roads, areas of heavy damaging traffic such as tracked machinery routes, and race tracks (speedways and even horse and camel tracks).

Mechanics: adsorbs into soil particles preventing them from becoming airborne.

Length of effect: Up to 12 months

Other features include: UV Ray resistance, water/storm resistant, non-hazardous, biodegradable, self-healing, and robust.

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GRT Wet-Loc

GRT: Haul-Loc

Material Type: liquid polymer mixed with water.

Method of Distribution: added to watering trucks and then sprayed.

Application: Haul roads, cleared sites, environmental management.

Mechanics: Binds and creates stable layer that is resistant from heavy traffic wear, wind erosion and rainfall impact.

Length of effect: 4x-5x longer than with normal water methods

Other features include: Specialised for long term projects, robust properties, non-toxic, biodegradable and dries completely odourless.

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GRT Haul-Loc

GRT: Activate

Material Type: Super activated synthetic fluid that is mixed with water.

Method of Distribution: injection through existing spray systems, trucks or stabilizers and then sprayed.

Application: hydrophobic fine dust sources, quarrying crushers, conveyors and for road construction.


Length of effect: 12 months

Other features include: This cutting-edge dust control technology that makes water work better, harder, and more efficiently. This technology alone suppresses large and fine particles. The fine particles may not be visible to human eye, and are known as the most hazardous to health, and may lead to respiratory diseases, eye irritation and eye damage.

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As we can see water has never been and chemically never will be an effective suppressor of dust. Extensive research has been conducted and it has been determined that technologies such as those available at GRT are chemically created not only to efficiently suppress dust, no matter the size, but also sustain their suppression for an extended period of time making dust a hazard of the past.

The wide range of technologies that GRT offer gives you flexibility for use in various conditions, but also gives you the choice of specialised products. This is a long-term solution and is a small price to pay in making sure your employees are safe.

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