GRT: All Clear

The ideal stormwater treatment technology. Perfect for HES Basins.

Our focus for treating stormwater runoff is all about protecting our natural watercourses.GRT: All Clear has been developed by industry experts with this specific environmental focus in mind.It works by destabilising the fine colloidal particles occurring in contaminated stormwater that can also carry bacteria, viruses and protozoans. These particles drop out of suspension allowing the clean, clear, treated water to be discharged to the receiving environment safely and efficiently.



A number of major industries involve land clearing, bulk earthworks and soil disturbance. These disturbed sites have a high potential to release contaminated runoff that can enter stormwater systems and pollute natural waterways.

Along with our erosion control products, GRT: All Clear is a critical tool any site can employ for sediment control and water quality management.

Typical industrial application – 

  • Major construction sites
  • Land development
  • Road and other linear corridor projects
  • Mine and Quarries
  • Landfills
  • Intensive farming and agriculture

Automated Dosing Units

Unlike manual methods, which requires dependency on staff on-site, GRT’s automatic dosing units provide fully automated and accurate dosing of the chemicals to treat water on site.

The units are tailor-made for each customer to suit their individual needs and ensure accurate dosing of the coagulant product. The dosing system can be efficiently retrofitted to existing sediment basins or other artificial water bodies.

GRT All Clear Benefits:

Highly concentrated formulation means dirty stormwater is quickly and cost-effectively clarified and made safe and ready for release to the environment.

Highest colour and organics removal to produce extremely high-quality stormwater while reducing existing ACH dose rates by up to 30%.

GRT: All Clear consistently outperforms competitors products in side by side trials.

Suspended particles are removed effectively and efficiently due to the chemistry's positive charge.

Significant water quality benefits by removing coarse, fine sediments, associated nutrients and pesticides from tailwater or stormwater runoff.

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