GRT 12X:
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Looking for a site-specific solution for your drill dust issues?

Key Benefits:

  • 12x more effective at dust capture than water alone
  • Wets out high-velocity dust quickly ensuring it does not escape and become an airborne hazard.
  • Targets the cause of black lung and silicosis
  • Helps with drill hole stability by ensuring water penetrates the hole wall
  • Safe for workers all day, every day
  • Easy application through your existing water spray systems


GRT: Activate / 12X super-activates drill water to ensure fine, hazardous dust is captured - forcing the air-borne dust particles to drop out of suspension.

Dosed into the drill rigs water tank at ratios between 1:1000 to 1:2000 (soil dependent), GRT: Activate / 12X penetrates the material surfaces and intercepts airborne particles immobilising fugitive dust. Importantly, the solution does not negatively impact ore properties or drill & blast activities.

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