The mining industry is key in unlocking a Net Zero future. But to meet 2030 reduction and 2050 Net Zero targets, Australian miners need new and undiscovered technologies to bridge the gap. And while there’s no solution to mining’s dependence on diesel yet, the pathway forward will need a balance of new use cases for proven technologies while making way for emerging options.

Designed to improve productivity, safety and efficiency, these new technologies will set new standards for ESG compliance.

Reconsidering Net Zero could also lead to shared-use infrastructure (including digital infrastructure) and added critical mineral resource hubs.

As miners align to benchmark Scope 1 and Scope 2 climate targets by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050,  the industry faces a technology gap as commercially proven ‘silver bullet’ solutions remain evasive.

By partnering with miners keen to embark on the Zero Emissions journey, GRT is fostering operational change for the better. 

Harnessing the Digital Transformation

By leveraging the Digital Transformation, GRT aims to help miners achieve their emissions targets while complying with environmental regulations.

Driving efforts to protect workers, communities and the environment from dust pollution, GRT’s integrated SMART dosing technology also increases efficiency while driving productivity.

SMART dosing provides a flow-on benefit to Net Zero goals in various industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Civil, 
  • Agricultural, 
  • Resources,
  • Land development 
  • Environmental management sectors

By increasing information flows across the mine site, GRTs dust suppression solutions also minimise accidents due to poor visibility or closures due to high levels of harmful airborne particulates.

The Digital Transformation has become more expensive in recent years – so more than ever – businesses should prioritise investment in areas that help drive growth alongside impactful and measurable value-creation opportunities. – KPMG 

To learn more about GRT’s SMART tech, visit our SMART Dosing Units page.

Building Australia’s Climate Action Plan

As the peak industry body, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has designed a Net Zero plan for Australia’s exploration, mining and minerals processing industry.

The MCA and its members launched the Climate Action Plan to supply a clear commitment to the work needed to achieve net-zero emissions. 

To achieve its ambitions of Net Zero emissions in Australia and echoing the significance of rapid action, the MCA listed a stable national policy framework including:

  • Substantially increased research, development and investment in tech to processes to reduce mine site emissions.
  • Widespread deployment of low and zero-emission technologies accounting for all technologies.
  • Credible, tested low-cost abatement options, including domestic and international offset options.
  • Accelerated evolution of the minerals required for a low emissions future, including aluminium, copper, zinc, iron, nickel, uranium, base metals, lithium, mineral sands, and rare earths.
  • Global and domestic partnerships with governments, regulators, customers, technology innovators, universities, NGOs and others to drive new technologies that cost-effectively reduce emissions.
  • Foster policies aimed at continued economic growth and investor confidence in Australia.

In Summary

The global race for Net Zero is now on in earnest.

As miners in Australia and around the globe strive to meet their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions targets, new and novel technologies are needed.

With a national framework behind Net Zero targets, the MCA supports miners to adopt future-focused technology to meet its ambitions.

GRT is making the most of the Digital Transformation to offer integrated dust suppression solutions that also provide downstream benefits to miners’ Net Zero and ESG targets.

From improving environmental conditions to better efficiency and a world of data – delivered via the IoT – GRT’s SMART dosing systems are a leap ahead for industrial applications.

To discover more about GRT’s advanced dust suppression systems, reach out today!

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