Road safety is a critical issue in all communities, and the rising road toll on rural roads in Victoria has sparked concern among road safety advocates. In an effort to decrease the number of fatal accidents on these roads, many are calling for increased education for young drivers.

Rural roads in Victoria can be treacherous, with narrow lanes, tight turns, and unpredictable wildlife. For young drivers, the challenges posed by these roads can be even greater, as they often lack the experience and skills necessary to handle these conditions safely. As a result, learner drivers and those on their provisional licences are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents on rural roads.

According to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), two-thirds of road fatalities occur on rural roads, which only account for one-third of road travel. This is due to higher speeds, greater distances, and hazards. 

While some believe further education for young drivers in Victoria is the solution at Global Road Technology, we believe we need to push the boundaries beyond specialised courses focused on rural road safety or driver education programs that cover a range of topics, from defensive driving to coping with unexpected road hazards.

Improving roading infrastructure

Education programs have their place, but they won’t fix the measures that need to be taken to improve road safety on rural roads in Victoria. For example, improving road infrastructure and surfaces, widening lanes, adding signage, and improving visibility, can help to reduce the number of accidents that occur on rural roads. Another suggested solution is increased enforcement, such as a great police presence, police patrols and stricter penalties for traffic violations should be implemented Australia wide.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Global Road Technology Products designed for improving road infrastructure

Global Road Technology (GRT) is a leading company in the field of dust control. They have invested in extensive research and development to scientifically create products that effectively reduce dust and create stable and waterproof surfaces. GRT’s focus on innovation and their commitment to using the latest technology has made them the industry leader in this field. Their products are specifically designed to address the challenges of dust control and road maintenance in the most efficient and effective manner possible. With their advanced solutions and unparalleled expertise, GRT continues to set the standard for the dust control industry.

GRT7000 Dust Control Polymer Sealing 

Unlike other sealing products, GRT 7000 requires maintenance applications only once every 12 to 16 weeks, depending on traffic loading. With each application, GRT 7000 binds silty dust particles together, preventing them from becoming airborne. Over time, the frequency of applications decreases, making it more economical.

By using GRT7000 Dust Control Polymer Sealing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Elimination of dust and its associated impacts such as reduced visibility, health risks, and impact on surrounding areas
  • Stable, waterproof surface that prevents corrugation and potholing
  • Improved skid resistance and decreased rolling resistance
  • Cost savings of 30-40% through removal of daily watering and grading, less wear and tear on vehicles, improved haul times, and elimination of downtime during and after wet weather

GRT 7000 

GRT7000 Soil Stabilization is another solution offered by GRT for roading infrastructure. GRT7000 is not only a clear, environmentally safe and aesthetically pleasing polymer seal, but also a highly effective soil stabilisation agent. With relatively low dosage rates, GRT7000 can achieve extremely high UCS results. For example, testing with as little as 0.7% by mass has seen results over +6MPa.

Ultimately, it will take a combination of education, infrastructure improvements, and enforcement to effectively tackle the road toll on rural roads in Victoria. By working together, we can help to keep our roads safe for all drivers, especially young drivers who are just starting out on their driving journey.

In conclusion, the road toll on rural roads in Victoria is a serious concern, and it’s important that we take action to address this issue. Further education for young drivers is one solution that can help to reduce the number of fatal accidents on these roads and keep our roads safe for all but the task ahead is clear. Collaboration between local councils and government departments will be crucial in achieving better road conditions and sustainability in the future.

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