Soil Stabilization and Dust Control – GRT pushing the boundaries of technology

As some natural resources grow increasingly scarce, our efforts to locate and mine them have only intensified.  Whether we are in search of oil, natural gas, coal, gold, or any other valuable commodity, companies are constantly heading farther and farther afield in search of these materials.  However, getting their teams there and back again, along with their valuable cargo, can prove exceedingly difficult.  Roads are often poorly constructed or non-existent and costs of improving local infrastructure prohibitively high.  That’s where Global Road Technology and their innovative suite of soil stabilization and dust control products comes in; they are helping companies to create quality infrastructure at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional road building methods.  Global Road Technology has successful reduced costs of major multi-national companies by up to 37% through the use of GRT products. GRT will reduce your companies water usage, importation of material and creation borrow pits, utilization of trucks and equipment, landowner complaints and produce a rage of environmental benefits.

Regular road construction is:

  • Expensive – And it only gets more so the farther one gets from civilization.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control technology lets companies construct road services at reasonable costs in areas where local commerce simply can’t support the effort.
  • Time Consuming – But using Global Road Technology soil stabilization and dust control methods lets teams lay surface at a rate up to 800% more quickly than regular construction teams can accomplish in the best of circumstances.
  • Impossible in Difficult Areas – Regular roads just can’t stand up to extreme heat or cold; even excessive moisture can cause problems over time.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control products construct surfaces which are essentially impervious to the elements, and can provide excellent service in even the most demanding of conditions.

Global Road Technology is proud to help provide the companies who explore the world in search of the natural resources we use every day better ways to reach these resources, and distribute them all over the globe.  Their soil stabilization and dust control products let companies and governments build quality, long-lasting infrastructure in difficult to reach areas quickly and at a reasonable cost.  Their products are also suitable for urban use; their methodology is significantly less disruptive to local populations and significantly more environmentally friendly than regular road building techniques are as well.

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