Potential Applications of Road Dust Suppression Products

Today we are going to take a look at some of the myriad applications of road dust suppression products.  Whether you pursue a mechanical, chemical, or polymer based solution such as that manufactured by Global Road Technology, the types of environments you typically need to employ these products in remain the same.

So let’s take a look at some of the more commonly encountered situations in which you may find yourself looking to employ road dust suppression solutions:

  • Road Construction – Road construction typically creates quite a bit of dust, which can negatively impact safety on industrial or commercial roads, or affect communities when in urban areas.  Road and/or Dust suppression solutions can reduce the negative aspects dust has in both scenarios.
  • Rural Roads – GRT dust suppression products will reduce water consumption for dust suppression conserving the depletion of the surrounding aquifers, whilst improving overall driver safety on rural road networks,
  • Quarrying/Mining – Quarrying and mining operations also are notorious for the amount of dust they generate.  Road dust suppression tools can help keep the air safe for employees as well as reduce the impact on local water supplies.
  • Coal Stockpiles/Ash Ponds – General stockpile areas, particularly of raw minerals such as coal or stone, can produce huge dust clouds.  Ash pond dust is also notoriously difficult to control; both of these problems are solved by the application of road dust suppression solutions.
  • Helipad Areas – The area surrounding a helipad needs to be protected with dust suppression products or you risk blinding the ground crew every time a vehicle takes off or lands which can be extraordinarily dangerous.
  • Gravel Runways – Gravel runways, both for airfields and other major pieces of infrastructure as well as frontage road style ramps both produce large amounts of dust which is best controlled through road dust suppression products such as those offered by GRT.
  • Erosion Control – GRT road dust suppression methods are commonly used for erosion control in natural areas, land development, agricultural settings, urban environments, or construction and mining sites. Storm-water runoff areas can be treated to greatly reduce sediment loss and water pollution whilst reducing environmental damage.
  • Tunneling/Boring Projects – Tunneling and boring projects quite obviously generate a large amount of dust and particulate due to the nature of the work.  Treating the affected area with dust suppression solutions and methods prevents the created dust from interfering with machinery.
  • Conveyor/Process Dust – Dust created by a conveyor belt system or some other form of industrial process can eventually impact the manufacturing line itself, particularly if there are mechanical parts involved in the line that can be impacted by accumulating dust or particulate.  Road dust suppression tools can help keep the manufacturing floor clean of airborne particles, extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Global Road Technology is able to assist with all of these applications and more.  We cover everything from municipal road building efforts, to the infrastructure concerns of private establishments, to massive government backed state and region-wide reconstruction projects, to the needs of military organizations worldwide;

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