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Polymer Soil Stabilization

A clear-drying polymer stabilization agent that works by physically and chemically bonding soil or pavement particles together in a strong but flexible layer. Polymer stabilization provides a much higher tensile resistance than traditional pozzolanic stabilization agents, and is more environmentally friendly than bitumen binding agents.

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GRT9000 is available as a clear or opaque polymer. Both varieties are high performing stabilization agents that work by physically and chemically bonding soil or pavement particles leading to improved compressive strengths, high tensile resilience, and water impermeability.

Inadequate pavements (due pavement life or increased traffic volumes) can result in considerable and detrimental effects for an asset owner or manager’s triple bottom line. Dust, potholes, rutting, corrugation and other surface degradation caused by heavy traffic or extreme weather can cause serious harm to people, the planet and profit.

GRT9000 polymer soil stabilization helps alleviate these environmental, social and financial concerns. Using in-situ or imported materials, GRT9000 is used to create a hard, semi-flexible and water impermeable pavement. Mitigating against pavement and surface degradation, GRT9000 is designed to treat:

  • Natural or manufactured granular pavement materials
  • Insitu recycled pavements
  • Subgrade materials such as clays, silts and sands

GRT9000 Offers:

High strength polymer treated materials can reduce pavement thicknesses by 70%.

Immediate cost benefits from construction and materials efficiency

Long-term cost benefits from lower maintenance and repairs

Environmental protection – GRT products are non-toxic, have a low carbon footprint and use in-situ materials

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Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 117 cm

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