New South Wales Roads will be getting an upgrade in a bid to save lives, thanks to a cash injection of $78.6 million from the Federal and State governments.

The focus will be on regional and country roads, with the funding set to help initiate 191 road safety projects throughout the state.

According to a media release by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, The Hon Barnaby Joyce said the Australian Government contributed $61.7 million and the state government has funded $16.9 million.

Some of the projects set to take place are improvements by sealing the shoulders of some highways and arterial roads, upgrading median barriers as well as installing rumble stripes to help reduce the number of accidents caused by road conditions.

It is estimated the road upgrades will generate almost 600 jobs and a wide array of business opportunities for suppliers and play a significant road in boosting the NSW’s spiraling economic climate.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

“The road upgrades would help keep motorists safe and the economy strong.” said the Deputy Prime Minister. “One life lost on Australian roads is one too many, which is why we are delivering this funding to improve roads right across the nation.”

The government is investing in projects that are ready to roll quickly.

“We are investing in shovel-ready projects that can get underway quickly, saving lives sooner while supporting local construction jobs, businesses, and the economy.”

Improving road infrastructure will keep motorists and freight moving safely and efficiently, reducing the number of tragedies on Australian roads while continuing to support productivity nationwide. 

“This additional funding under the Road Safety Program builds on the $422.6 million already flowing to 404 projects across NSW, all of which are already complete or underway.”

The object is aimed to decrease the number of fatal and serious injuries, moving towards zero fatalities occurring on our roads by 2056. Fast-tracking road safety upgrades mean that commuters, truck drivers, and freight operators will be enjoying smoother, safer more efficient journeys into the future.

Using technology-advanced products from GRT to assist with road stabilization, dust control and waterproofing would allow governments and contractors carrying out the logistics of surface improvement the ability to see the funding go further. 

Products such as GRT9000, the most advanced polymer soil stabilization product are often recommended for road network projects used for stabilization. It provides a high-performing, low-cost pavement outcome – potential savings between 50% – 70%.

The proven benefits of GRT 9000 include

  • Long-term cost benefits from lower maintenance and repairs.
  • Utilizes in-situ and non-toxic materials
  • Strength comparable to concrete slabs
  • Strength gains easily achieved between 2MPa and 6MPa

This is simply another example of how GRT can work with the  Australian Government working to assist in reducing the number of Australians missing around the dinner tables due to fatalities that may have been easily prevented.

Not only can using GRT’s state-of-the-art products make the funding go further, but their use can make carrying out the improvement works on the road network most cost-effective for companies successful in bidding for the projects. Assisting with dust control and erosion, reducing the amount of labor required to drive water trucks as well cutting back on. 

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