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Dust Control and Track Building Solution

GRT5000 is an environmentally friendly, tough, clear drying polymer dust control technology. Sprayed on tracks and exposed open areas prone to dust generation and deterioration, the use of GRT5000 will reduce dust generation to almost zero. 

It can also be to mix into surfaces from 10 to 100mm deep as a binding and toughening agent for track construction and/or upgrading.


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Key Benefits:

Independently tested and verified to Food Safety Australia & New Zealand Standards

GRT5000 is an all-purpose product that is simple to use. It can be applied topically or mixed into materials to provide a clear, aesthetically pleasing option for footpath, bike tracks, landscaping, cart paths, and as a broad-scale dust control product.

  • Clear drying, polymer sealing and binding solution.
  • Easily applied through existing site water trucks, tankers, or sprinklers.
  • After spraying, the dust from the site is eliminated for up to 12 months.
  • Safe for workers all day, everyday.


BMX race tracks, walking and mountain bike tracks

Unsealed rural roads and road shoulders

Landscaping – path construction and sealing

Farm roads, tracks, driveways and access paths

Environmental and stockpile management

Additional information
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 120 cm

20 KG Pail, 1100 KG IBC


Global Road Technology


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