Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

GRT: Rubble-Loc

IBC (1100KG)

Demolition & Recovery Site Dust Control

A cost-effective dust and wind erosion control technology specifically designed for demolition sites, contaminated sites, material stockpiles and natural disaster sites through both the emergency and recovery/reconstruction phases. Provides contractors, regulators and surrounding residents peace of mind that dust and potential contaminants can be locked down onsite.

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Key Benefits:

  • Low cost: It’s the cheapest and most effective insurance on the market!
  • Flexible: Quantities and applications can be tailored for applications from a few days to 12 months.
  • Simple: Apply through your existing truck, mobile or irrigation spraying systems.
  • Ultimate Product: Solves wind and rain erosion problems – keeping materials locked onsite!
  • Environmental: Product is safe for the environment, and stops the transport off site of dust into surrounding neighbourhoods or sensitive ecosystems.

GRT Rubble-Loc is a cost effective dust and wind erosion control technology designed to for use on dynamic sites such as demolition sites, material stockpiles and natural disaster sites – both emergency and recovery/reconstruction phase.


Designed for application through standard water trucks, hydro-mulchers, or irrigation systems, GRT Rubble-Loc is simple to use and safe for workers and the environment. The product is diluted with water and best added with agitation or into flowing water to ensure thorough mixing.

Additional information
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 120 cm

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