Project Name Kingfisher Lodge
Location Kalba, Emirate of Sharjah, UAE
Service Dust Suppression and Polymer Sealing
Products GRT7000 Polymer Sealing
Construction December 2018
Status Completed

The Kingfisher Lodge is one of the unique modern luxury lodges parts of the “Sharjah Collection by Mysk”. The Kingfisher Lodge not only offers its guests a gateway to a unique world of conservation through its nature retreat, but it’s also one of its kind in the UAE. Set on the east coast of Sharjah, the Arabian Sea and the beauty of the pristine beach is matched perfectly by the refined interiors and exteriors of the resort.


Shurooq, the leading developer for the Kingfisher Lodge, wanted to produce a new hospitality concept that would not only be luxurious but would also be an eco-lodge that respected the surrounding environment through having a very low environmental footprint. As it was situated in one of Sharjah’s premium eco-tourism and heritage locations, there were several environmental and health considerations for the roads that connected the entire resort.

As it was vital that this project was completed environmentally friendly and economically low-cost, GRT was the perfect company to undertake this task, with its unique polymer sealing solution, GRT7000.


As the road network for the resort was situated where the desert meets the ocean and in an area that was susceptible to both sandstorms and higher than usual (for the region) rainfall, unique site challenges were experienced. The bordering sea would increase the salt content of the ground composition; this would diminish the ground’s structural integrity whilst making it more susceptible to cracking due to larger movement such as vehicles. These challenges meant that the roads and surrounding areas required both a dust suppression and waterproofing solution.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Environment: As mentioned, the Kingfisher Lodge is located within one of Sharjah’s premium eco-tourism and heritage locations. As a result, this lodge would include additional environmental regulations. These environmental regulations are important to the biodiversity of the area and all developers and operations will be required to meet them. This is to ensure the safety of the organisms (i.e. turtles, fish, etc.) that inhabit in the area whilst keeping the mangroves and surrounding environment unaffected.


Materials: Furthermore, with the composition of the roads and surrounding tested to have weaker bonds, potential failing pavements were susceptible in the near future. Failing pavements would pose a safety threat and financial risk. With no road compaction or sealing, and constant dust storms coupled with increased tourism, the structural integrity of the road (i.e. road corrugation and potholes) would indefinitely change, making it unsafe to use.

Constructability: A major challenge to this project was also met by the narrow roads and restricted access available within the lodge, as these roads were not wide enough to hold any large vehicles that would generally be used in the application of the GRT product. As a consequence, a construction methodology using small plant, spray trucks, equipment and labourers would be developed by the GRT team for new innovative methods in completing the project in a safe and effective manner. GRT staff could also only use bicycles or small golf buggies to traverse the site (or walk!), and no vehicles were allowed.


Through the completion of several soil assessments on the surrounding areas of the Kingfisher’s Lodge and the resort itself, along with environmental and economic impact consideration, the GRT team determined that products such as cement, bitumen, and asphalt could not be considered due to their hazardous material composition.


It was concluded that the GRT7000 would be the most suitable and effective GRT product for this full dust suppression and water-resistant road network project. By utilizing the GRT7000, the road network would seal the in-situ and local materials with the product to reduce potential disturbance made on the environment.

GRT7000, a concept unique to GRT, was the recommended product for the roads network and surrounding areas of the Kingfisher Lodge as it:

  • Met the strict environmental criteria imposed by the Shurooq organisation and UAE government
  • Provided exceptional road surfacing outcomes
  • Fit in the project budget
  • Helped blend the applied areas with the surrounding environment
  • Did not disturb the natural environment or affected the biodiversity

GRT7000 is a cost-effective clear drying polymer that creates hard, semi-flexible, and water impermeable pavement.



The GRT7000 treated areas delivered high performing results that were expected from the product:

  • Dust elimination and its impacts (visibility, health, environmental)
  • Stable, waterproof sealed surface road
  • Improved skid resistance and rolling resistance
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Road corrugation and potholing prevention
  • Utilizes the in-situ material to provide a natural look after application

These products have been utilised globally by GRT for similar civil applications and other applications such as military, industrial, private, tourism and mining sectors.