In a world where air quality gets more attention daily, selecting the right dust suppression unit is vital.

Ideally, a dust suppression solution should be tailored to your unique application, with features and functionality to suit the local environment and equipment. And whether that’s on a remote mine site, a city-based construction site, around the farm or on unsealed roadways in and around town, each situation requires a different approach.

With careful consideration and thorough research, you can select a dust suppression unit that ticks multiple boxes simultaneously.

In turn, you can secure your site from dust hazards, protecting the environment and achieving efficiency. 

So let’s dive in and explore the things to consider when choosing the best dust suppression for your operation.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


Handy Tips for Dust Suppression Research

Here’s a list of considerations to help you out in your search: 


1. Identifying dust sources: 

Step one, determine the type and nature of the dust you must suppress.

Different dust suppression units are designed for various dust types, like fine particles, heavy dust, or hazardous materials.


2. Assess your dust generation rate: 

It’s helpful to calculate the volume of dust generated per unit of time. This information will help determine a dust suppression unit’s capacity and efficiency requirements.


3. Understand your local environment: 

Consider the environment around you. Factors like temperature, humidity, wind, and obstacles or space constraints should all be considered.

Some dust suppression units may be more suitable for outdoor conditions, while others are designed for indoor use.


4. Determine the coverage required: 

Evaluating the size and area that needs to be covered is another step forward. This can influence equipment selection with suitable reach, spray pattern, and throw distance.


5. Consider water availability and quality: 

Assess the availability and quality of water on your site. Some dust suppression units need a constant water supply, while others can operate with a limited or recycled supply.

Further, if the water quality is poor, a filtration or treatment system could be the way forward.


6. Evaluate management options: 

What’s the level of control and automation you require?

Some units offer manual controls, while others integrate monitoring systems, timers, and sensors to enable automated operation based on dust levels or specific triggers.


7. Research different unit variations: 

Multiple dust suppression units are available, including fogging systems, mist cannons, sprinkler systems, and dust collectors.

Research each class to understand their working principles, advantages, and limitations to discover the most suitable option for your operation.


8. Consider maintenance and running costs: 

Are you aware of your dust suppression’s maintenance requirements and operational costs?

Considering aspects like filter replacements, energy consumption, spare parts availability, and service requirements can ensure long-term cost-effectiveness.


9. Seek advice from the experts: 

If you’re unsure about a suitable dust suppression unit for your specific needs, consult experts or professionals specialising in dust control.

Companies like Global Road Technology (GRT) can provide valuable insights and recommendations to get you on the right track. 


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By working through this checklist, you can identify a dust suppression unit that meets your needs, effectively mitigating dust issues in your scenario.

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