Heavy Industry is transforming its liquid polymer dust control with GRT’s SMART Dosing Units. Meanwhile, our featured product, the SMART units, come equipped with cutting-edge, robust technology that ensures precise and consistent dosing. The initial flow-on benefits from SMART technology include:

  • Reduced waste
  • Increased efficiency
  • A healthier environment

Highly versatile and customisable for various chemicals and applications, the units are a game changer for companies involved in water treatment, mining, and oil and gas production. 

Watering trucks use GRT Haul-Loc, a liquid polymer in SMART units, which reduces water usage by 65% and increases dust suppression effects by 4-5X.

Additionally, the dosing units monitor and adjust their function in real-time, adding a standout feature for busy operations where productivity is essential. This guarantees that the correct amount of chemical polymer is always used, preventing over or under-dosing and improving efficiency. Furthermore, the units come with safety measures that prevent spills and leaks, ensuring compliance across your site.

Becoming recognised as the future of polymer-based dust control, GRT’s SMART Dosing Units are transforming the practice with a unique blend of advanced technology, customisable design, and awareness of safety and sustainability.

But these benefits are just the beginning…

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


Access Powerful Data with Our SMART Dosing Units

GRT’s SMART Dosing Units dose our dust control products accurately and serve as a data hub with telemetry features. This activates direct reporting, tracking, and control of dosing through a user-friendly app interface. 

With a SMART Unit – our featured product – you can now access powerful data, including:

  • Water consumption and savings 
  • Standpipe utilisation
  • Water truck operation efficiency
  • Number of water truck fills per (shift/week/month) 
  • Product levels and dosage rates 
  • Operational data and notifications on products, pumps, and power units.

Many of our partner organisations – operating worldwide – have reported improved efficiency by introducing our IoT & data monitoring technology.

These improvements have been measured up to 83%. Consequently, this data has cut maintenance time and costs by up to 50%, allowing for predictive methods. Furthermore, increases in operational efficiency due to IoT and data analytics features have been shown to reach a massive 82%.






Our local team designed the SMART Dosing Units to give decision-makers meaningful data that informs strategic and operational decisions.

The engineers at GRT in Australia have developed SMART Dosing Units to allow for remote control and automation of product dosage, error detection, and flow rates.

This is proven to lead to better resource management, Improved operational efficiency, enhanced visibility, and traceability.


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Your SMART Summary

After extensive research, development and onsite testing, the benefits of GRT’s SMART Dosing Units clearly represent the future of dust control in heavy industry. Able to provide a precise and efficient way to manage dust suppression, reducing the risk of health hazards and increasing productivity, there’s no comparison on the market.  

By automatically adjusting the amount of dust suppressant used based on real-time data, these units can save time and money while improving the overall safety of work and the environment. In addition, the SMART units make the most of modern technology and connectivity to deliver game-changing data on site-wide operations.

In conclusion, GRT’s SMART Dosing Units are the intelligent choice for any industry looking to improve their dust control practices and advance with the pace of technology. If dust control is an issue for your construction, exploration or resource business, check out GRT’s tailored solutions, including our featured product, the SMART Dosing Units.    

Or, if you’d like to talk with an expert, simply contact us!