GRT: Wet-Loc for Dust Suppression is a hard-wearing, long-lasting synthetic total dust product designed for various high-traffic and heavy-duty environments. It is ideal for workshops, truck yards, pipe lay-downs, logistics yards, packing and loading yards, container yards, ports, livestock yards, pens, stables, racetracks, horse arenas, underground mining, heavy machinery yards, and access roads. The product is applied neat, without water, and delivers dust control for 4-8 months. GRT: Wet-Loc works by adsorbing onto the treated surface, making dust particles too heavy to become airborne. It weighs them down like water but without the threat of evaporation or freezing. 

What is GRT: Wet-Loc?

GRT: Wet-Loc is a liquid polymer product engineered for exceptional dust control and soil stabilisation. This environmentally friendly solution binds fine dust particles, forming a cohesive, durable layer that prevents dust from becoming airborne. By doing so, it creates stable, dust-free surfaces that withstand heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions. GRT: Wet-Loc is water-saving, easy to apply, and offers long-lasting performance, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

How GRT: Wet-Loc Works

GRT: Wet-Loc penetrates the soil and binds dust particles, forming a stable, cohesive layer. This layer prevents dust from becoming airborne, even under heavy traffic and challenging environmental conditions. The product can be applied using standard equipment such as water trucks or sprinklers. It integrates easily into existing maintenance routines.

This product is at its best in areas where watering programs aren’t suitable and when durability is needed. The self-healing and re-workable properties of GRT: Wet-Loc offer exceptional long-term performance on a wide range of surfaces, including gravel, sand, clay, limestone and most native soils. With correct dosage and application, it can remain actively effective for up to 12 months, regardless of the weather or severity of traffic. GRT:Wet-Loc also requires fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilisation options. Best of all, with no cure time required, GRT: Wet-Loc treated areas are ready for use and vehicle traffic after application, saving your infrastructure project both time and money.

Key Features of GRT: Wet-Loc

  • Superior Dust Control: GRT: Wet-Loc effectively controls dust by binding particles together.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The product provides a durable surface that lasts for extended periods.
  • Environmentally Friendly: GRT: Wet-Loc is biodegradable and reduces water consumption.
  • Easy Application: The product can be applied with standard equipment, making it simple to use.

Applications of GRT: Wet-Loc

After GRT Wet-Loc for Dust Suppression

Dusty Stockyards

Stockyards can generate significant amounts of dust, affecting air quality and animal health. GRT: Wet-Loc provides an effective solution. It creates a stable, dust-free surface, reducing respiratory problems for livestock and workers. The product also improves visibility and overall working conditions. This reduces respiratory problems for cattle and improves overall animal welfare. The product also enhances working conditions for staff.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

Carparks and Hard Stands

Carparks and hard stands experience heavy traffic, which can generate significant dust. GRT: Wet-Loc effectively controls dust in these areas, creating a stable, dust-free surface. This improves air quality and reduces maintenance costs.

Container Yards

Container yards are high-traffic areas that require effective dust control. GRT: Wet-Loc binds dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. This improves visibility and safety, making it easier to manage operations and maintain equipment.

Heavy Vehicle Yards

Heavy vehicle yards generate a lot of dust due to the movement of large machinery. GRT: Wet-Loc provides a durable, dust-free surface that withstands heavy traffic. This reduces dust-related maintenance issues and improves working conditions.

Benefits of Using GRT: Wet-Loc

Improved Air Quality

Dust can severely impact air quality, leading to health problems for workers and animals. GRT: Wet-Loc effectively suppresses dust, significantly improving air quality. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues and enhances the overall working environment.

Enhanced Health and Safety

By controlling dust, GRT: Wet-Loc enhances health and safety in various environments. It reduces the risk of respiratory problems for workers and improves visibility, which helps prevent accidents. The product also enhances the overall working environment by providing cleaner air and avoiding dust reaching the urban areas such as buildings, houses or workshops.

Cost Savings

GRT: Wet-Loc reduces the need for frequent water applications, conserving water and cutting operational costs. The product’s long-lasting performance means fewer applications are needed, leading to further cost savings. Its easy application process also reduces labour and equipment costs.

Environmental Benefits

GRT: Wet-Loc is an eco-friendly solution that significantly reduces water consumption. By locking down dust, the product helps maintain air quality and protects local ecosystems.

Ease of Application

GRT: Wet-Loc can be applied using existing equipment such as water trucks or sprinklers. This makes it easy to integrate into existing maintenance routines. The product’s application process is straightforward, ensuring consistent results and maximum efficiency.

Effective Dust Suppression in Various Environments


In stockyards, dust can create significant health issues for livestock and workers. GRT: Wet-Loc provides an effective dust suppression solution. It binds dust particles, creating a stable, dust-free surface. This reduces respiratory problems and improves overall working conditions. The product also enhances visibility, making it easier for workers to manage livestock. In areas where animals are kept, dust affects health and operational efficiency. GRT: Wet-Loc addresses these challenges by creating a dust-free environment. This reduces respiratory problems for animals and enhances their welfare. The product also improves working conditions for staff and reduces water consumption.

Container Yards

In container yards dust can be threatening not also to the health, but also to the safety of the workers, since it reduces the visibility for everyone around the yard, and can potentially create risks of collisions or vehicle accidents. When GRT: Wet-Loc is applied, the dust-free environment will create a much more visible container yard which will avoid dust inhalation problems and not only that, but also improve the safety for everyone in their workplace.

Maintenance and Longevity

GRT: Wet-Loc’s long-lasting performance means fewer applications are needed. However, it is important to maintain the treated surfaces to ensure ongoing effectiveness. Regular inspections and reapplications as needed will keep the dust suppression efforts effective. The product’s easy application process allows for quick and efficient maintenance.

Case Studies: Success with GRT: Wet-Loc for Dust Suppression

Stockyard Case Study

A large stockyard faced significant dust problems, impacting animal health and worker conditions. After applying GRT: Wet-Loc, the stockyard saw a dramatic reduction in dust levels. Air quality improved, and respiratory problems among livestock and workers decreased. The product’s easy application and long-lasting performance also led to operational cost savings. GRT: Wet-Loc was used to create a dust-free environment. 

Container Yard Case Study

A vast logistics yard faced ongoing issues with dust generated by constant vehicle movement. The dust affected air quality and visibility, leading to unsafe working conditions and increased maintenance costs. After applying GRT: Wet-Loc, the yard experienced a significant reduction in dust levels. Visibility improved, making the environment safer for workers and reducing the risk of accidents. The need for frequent water applications decreased, resulting in considerable cost savings. The product’s durability also meant less frequent reapplications, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Proven Solution for Dust Suppression

GRT-Wet-Loc for Dust SuppressionGRT: Wet-Loc is an effective solution for dust suppression in various environments. Its superior dust control and soil stabilisation properties make it ideal for these applications. The product improves air quality, enhances health and safety, and offers significant cost savings. Its environmentally friendly nature and easy application process further contribute to its effectiveness. GRT: Wet-Loc for Dust Suppression success in various case studies demonstrates its value as a reliable dust suppression solution.

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