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(GRT) is a leading international, engineering technology company focusing on providing innovative products and solutions for the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors. That type of expertise is why they were called upon by several coal mining companies in Queensland, Australia to help them with some dust suppression issues they were facing. There are over 400 active mines in the state of Queensland and many of those mining companies are now partnering with GRT to help come up with solutions that will ensure the health and safety of those that work in the mines.

The General Manager for GRT, Mr Daniel Grundy, outlined how a site and operational safety has always been a factor, “Most of the time when we get called to help a government, business or private entity solve a problem with our services, safety plays a role in that. That’s true when it comes to many of our dust suppression, soil stabilization, and even erosion control solutions. But our partnership with the mining companies in Queensland has taken health and safety to a whole new level. What we can accomplish on this project will directly impact the health and safety of the miners in the area for years to come.”

Mr Grundy says the greatest challenges to overcome was the amount of dust that was present in the area that miners are often found working outside of plant and machinery. It’s what experts feel is largely responsible for the steady rise in cases of pneumoconiosis and silicosis, categorised under the term Mine Dust Lung Disease (MDLD). These potentially fatal diseases are caused by long-term exposure to high concentrations of dust generated during mining and quarrying activities.

In addition to the mining and quarrying sectors, recent reports released state that in the stone cutting industry, a worrying 1 out of every 5 stonemasons in Queensland has been diagnosed with some form of MDLD. Some 26 of those cases have progressed into an advanced form of MDLD that is termed progressive massive fibrosis.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?


Some experts feel the growth in cases in the mining sector could be attributed to more frequent health screenings and improved diagnostic testing but also the fact that improved coal mining methods may also be generating more extreme dust levels. With the mining companies wanting to keep their miner’s health and safety at the forefront, Mr Grundy says GRT was then called upon to help mitigate what many thought to be an increasing mining dust problem.

Mr Grundy also says that the mining companies have turned to them because GRT is becoming known for setting the industry standards as far as dust suppression solutions are concerned. “The products and their applications have been developed in the lab, tested and proven in the field, and rolled out into ongoing operations. They are proving to be very effective. as we not only reduce dust but go a step further and control it.”

He went on to add that GRT’s dust suppression products deploy easily without having any negative impact on the environment.

Mr Grundy says that those who are interested in their mining dust suppression services, can contact them by phone or refer to the company website.

Source: DigitalJournal