GRT Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Opens New Vistas for Military Operations

It is perhaps an unavoidable side effect of the human condition that we will have to confront and deal with wars and large scale conflict from time to time.  One thing that all societies wish is that the effects of war upon non-combatants should be minimized as much as possible.

Much of the damage that occurs to civilian populations in areas of conflict is as a direct result of damage and degradation to local infrastructure.  This leads to disruption of commerce, services, and ultimately many of the important aspects and services relied on by citizens in day-to-day life.  GRT specially formulated for rapid deployment soil stabilization and dust control products are helping military organizations and government across the world achieve this aim by providing three specific advantages over traditional road building techniques:

  • Speed – Sun Tzu said that speed is the soul of war more than two thousand years ago, and it remains true today.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control rapid deployment products can help military organizations build instant infrastructure right in the middle of conflict zones or sensitive areas, at a rate over 800% faster than traditional construction methods can achieve, whilst utilizing military equipment.
  • Cost – There is a huge cost savings as well as their soil stabilization and dust control products rely on in-situ material for the vast majority of their construction needs.  GRT can build roads, airstrips, runways, hardstands, and full economical landing areas for land, sea, or air operations and a fraction of the cost of regular construction projects.
  • Maintenance – A final benefit is the ease of ongoing maintenance.  In conflict zones, you do not want to rely on costly or time-consuming maintenance products or procedures; you will not have the resources or the time.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control infrastructure can be maintained with little more than a simple truck, a couple of shovels, and a small amount of water.

GRT rapid deployment soil stabilization and dust control products can construct full landing areas from scratch in a matter of days, that are fully ready to support regular military aircraft traffic, including airdrop support.  They are currently involved in many projects air freighting, shipping, and installing their instant infrastructure all across the world, including in sensitive and conflict zones when required.

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