Global Road Technology Road Safety Training Services:

At Global Road Technology we do far more than build better and safer roads. We offer end-to-end infrastructure solutions as part of a comprehensive suite of services that cover all aspects of a project’s lifecycle.

This commitment to ensuring clients have access to our ongoing support has driven us to develop a safe road system model as part of our services to the mining industry.  Our  Global Road Technology Road Safety Training Services program will seek to provide our clients with road safety training and provide them with ongoing data and information with the aim of reducing hazards and preventing accidents before they occur.

Global Road Technology seeks to work with our clients to help safeguard their employees and promote the reputation of their safe work practices by supplying innovative training and consulting advice to the mining industry.

We have worked closely with world-leading experts in developing proprietary methods to measure and classify road-safety-related activities that can aid in identifying and solving safety issues before they occur.

Part of this work has included us developing an innovative world-first methodology for profiling wear and tear caused by friction on mine haul roads and ramps for heavy vehicles.  The road surface friction analysis process is correlated with mine road-watering protocol and rain events.

Are environmental regulations, health and safety concerns or potential profit loss a concern right now?

This information is then fed into our mine road network database that is made available to our clients, providing them live information on data such as the impact mine haul trucks have on road friction and allows us to better address hazards and manage risk.

GRT’s road safety training services consulting will see us provide our clients with the following assistance:

  • Mine road surface friction assessment and profiling
  • Water cart application (ground rate) calibration
  • Mine road water application management advisory services
  • Mine road network safety audit services
  • Mine road incident investigation and analysis (reconstruction) services

Independent expert representation on mine ICAM committee investigations/reviews and Road Safety Training Services audit implementation meetings

Our training services will see us work with our clients to provide ongoing training and support in the following areas:

  • Incident investigation course (mine specific)
  • Support all current incident evaluation procedures
  • Vericom (friction assessment device) training
  • Only OEM-approved and endorsed trainer in Australia
  • All training tailored specifically for individual mine requirements and road profiling data

By providing these services GRT is seeking to provide an unmatched technical road safety service delivered in a simple and client-friendly manner.

Our GRT Road Safety Training Services is offered in tandem with our groundbreaking GRT Road Maintenance Software Program, will provide ongoing support to clients and customers through its unique infrastructure delivery model. This approach sees GRT provide our clients with the ability to monitor their road performance information in real-time, allowing them to predict where issues may occur prior to happening and solve the problem before it even occurs.

This end-to-end approach to road building is underpinned by a company-wide dedication to road safety through the delivery of safer and smarter infrastructure that combines technical excellence with an innovative service model that delivers ongoing support.  Our Road Safety training Services allows us to work with clients in an ongoing manner to ensure that hazards and risks are managed and resolved before they become an issue.

This is why GRT is a world leader in providing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions that understand that by building better roads you ultimately make them safer for users, with potentially life-saving results.

For more information on Global Road Technology Road Safety Training Services please contact us.