GRT Road Safety Initiative


Global Road Technology is proud to launch the GRT Road Safety Initiative. Part of our corporate responsibility platform, this initiative aims to help improve road safety in some of the most remote and disadvantaged areas of the world.

Tragically, infrastructure in third world countries is often poorly constructed and maintained. This results in a much higher than average rate of injuries and fatalities due to roadway incidents. GRT soil stabilization and dust control solutions have been helping to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities due to poor infrastructure in these regions for years. Now, we are expanding our efforts beyond the direct areas in which we work.

The not-for-profit GRT Road Safety Initiative, that was launched late last year in India by the World Bank and the United Nations “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011- 2020,”, and is a specialized program designed to combat the high road-related injury and death rates in remote and regional areas – the communities in which GRT also operates to deliver better and safer infrastructure.

Funded by GRT and with contributions from others, resources for this initiative are spent in the areas or regions that need it most. Money received from donations is spent in the areas they are collected, resulting in measurable local improvements for those wanting to make a real difference.

The GRT Road Safety Initiative has a three-tiered approach:

In addition to GRT’s road stabilization and dust control solutions, we sincerely hope this safety initiative will also have a positive impact on reducing road fatalities in many of the poorest and most needy communities across the globe.

Road_Safety_Initiative-Global-Road-Technology-GRT Survive the Walk

Survive The Walk – This step promotes the protection of children and other pedestrians on their way to and from school. In many of the poorest communities across the globe, children do not have school bags at all.

This initiative not only provides these children with a functional school bag but one that’s highly visible and features reflective stripes.

Download the Global Road Technology Survive The Walk (PDF 3.2mb)

Road_Safety_Initiative-Global-Road-Technology-GRT_Survive the Drive

Survive The Ride – The second step focuses on protecting people in remote areas whose primary means of transportation are bikes or motorcycles.

Bright orange helmets are donated to local schools and come complete with educational collateral about the need to not just wear helmets but to also wear them properly.

Download the Global Road Technology Survive The Ride (PDF 2.3mb)

Road_Safety_Initiative-Global-Road-Technology-GRT Survive the Drive

Survive The Drive – This final step focuses on promoting products designed to help reduce child fatalities due to traffic incidents. 

Baby seats, booster seats and other new and second hand appliances are donated to churches, government organizations and other central distribution points – helping to ensure these vital pieces of equipment are reaching those that need it most.

Download the Global Road Technology Survive The Drive (PDF 3.3mb)