Global Road Technology – Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Products Reduce Environmental Impact

One of the core values of Global Road Technology is protecting and preserving the environment.  Their soil stabilization and dust control products bring numerous advantages reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional road building techniques and equipment.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Global Road Technology Products Save the Earth – The amount of raw material needed in traditional road building can be staggering, and can devastate local environments and ecology when procured incorrectly.  The use of GRT soil stabilization and dust control products means that virtually no coal or quarried rock is necessary to build a road.
  • Significantly Reduced Vehicle Emissions – Moving all of the material from the quarry to various places around the road construction site requires a lot of trucking, which in turn causes a lot of emissions into the local air.  Global Road Technology dust control products eliminate the dust typically associated with road construction, and the fact that GRT soil stabilization products mean you need virtually no raw material eliminates the need for transporting it as well.
  • Faster Construction Times Equals Less Disruption – Global Road Technology products enable the creation of roads and other infrastructure as much as 75% more quickly than conventional road building.  Less time spent means less overall disruption to the local environment.
  • Excellent Choice for Delicate Environments – There are plenty of delicate environments across the globe which still need roads, but regular construction may prove too expensive or disruptive for a variety of reasons.  Cultural heritage can impact the logistical concerns, or the complete absence of raw material near a site can render a project complete unfeasible.  In these delicate environments, Global Road Technology products can make road construction possible.
  • Lower Fresh Water Usage – Traditional road construction relies on having an abundance of fresh water available, which can make things difficult for coastal or desert communities, where supplies are limited and valuable.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control products require much less water to use, and can even use salt water instead of fresh water, lowering the environmental impact even more.

Global Road Technology products bring significant advantages to the table across the board, but one of the areas they truly shine is in how little environmental impact they create when compared to traditional road building methods.  Their soil stabilization, dust control, and other construction products and services all are big steps forward in terms of green construction methods.

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